Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hershey Park Happy

Hershey Park, Hershey, PA

What a fun day we had yesterday!

Earlier this summer the Giant grocery chain had a brand promotion where you purchased $60 worth of certain products and in return you received a coupon for either a free Hershey Park ticket or 4 tickets for $60. Christy and I did this. I thought it was a good deal. A Hershey Park ticket sells for more than $50.

So yesterday Dale, Ellen, Greta, Lynn, Corey, Christy, Zoe, Scott and I headed to Hershey Park for the day. We arrived around 11a and left just before 10p. A long day but lots of fun!

After a ride on the Comet (the original wood roller coaster....I went on it once and was sure I'd die!), Dale and Ellen went to rides that Ellen wanted to go on and the rest went to do some insane rides like......

Greta and Lynn are on this ride,
Corey, Christy and Scott came right behind them...
they are crazy!!

Ride over....

and they lived to tell about it!

As you can tell, I'm not into fast, crazy rides!
When I go to an amusement park
I go as the bag lady.....
I hold the bags for the crazy people
who ride the fast, crazy rides  =)

This year I also watched this little one.....

Zoe had a good day too.

About 2p we all were hungry. We headed to the
 parking lot for a tailgate lunch.
I made sandwiches and brought grapes.
Corey and Christy provided some juice and chips.
Scott brought Oreo's (double stuff!) and brownies.

Corey hangs out while the others finish eating.

Ellen wanted to get back to the rides.
Since we were parked near Chocolate World,
we decided to go through that before heading back to the park.
Been awhile since I'd been there too.

Back to the Park. The water rides for
Corey, Christy, Scott and Lynn.

Ellen and Greta headed to the Ferris Wheel and
other rides near it.

Dale took Zoe for a walk.
I pulled out a book to read.

At some point I started feeling restless and looked up....
I discovered that the very overcast skies had
cleared up to beautiful blue!
I took my book to a sunny spot to catch some rays.

After awhile I decided to see if I could find my kids....

Looks like they are having fun!
They just came down a slide on a two person tube.
It has a big circular part during the ride
 that Christy says makes you feel like you're being flushed down a toilet!

Wave pool again!
This time I was instructed to take pictures!

Lynn tries some moves.
If you loose control, the force of the water shoots you up to the top!

Corey gives it all he's got!

Scott gets instruction from the attendant.

Here comes Christy!

Scott preparing for a fancy move....


Moving away from the water park....
this ride, I don't recall the name, was at Hershey Park in the 50's!

Scott is always up for a pose!

They had a blast!
They really did.....Scott!

Taking a break

Scott and Lynn gave Greta and Ellen a twirling good time!

We rode the little train.
It was the only ride I went on.....
I had a very important and detailed job to attend to all day =)

It was the only ride that Zoe went on too!
On this ride, you go past an 'Old West' ghost town...
there is a snake that sprays water on the riders....
it got Christy good!
I didn't have the camera on and missed a
Kodak moment for sure.

Before we knew it, it was time to go. Corey and Christy left around 9 to pick up Aidan at Great-Grandma and Aunt Nancy's house. He had a wonderful time with them!       

Scott and  Lynn got their fried candy....yes, they sell fried Hershey's candy! 

Ellen rode the Comet one more time. Greta rode with her.

The tired but Hershey Park Happy bunch walked  a bit more slowly out of the park than when they came in.  We will surely need to do this again.                  


Musicaljean said...

Great pictures, Doris! The one crazy ride I still really like (if they even have it anymore!) is the pirate ship. Oh, and I still love the coal cracker flume.

fahnmamma said...

Dale and Ellen went on the Pirate Ship....I rode that once several years ago and was not crazy over it at all! The Coal Cracker is there but no one in our group rode it. Way back in the day, the line was always so long for that ride! There is now a much higher flume in the water park.