Friday, August 27, 2010

A funny thing happened on the way into the Park

As we were entering the Park, I pulled out $5 to pay for parking. It has been a long time since we were at Hershey Park and I wasn't sure how much it would be. Well, as we approached the booth I saw a sign that said it was $10! Wow....that's a money maker for them! We got to the booth and the attendant wondered if we would like Preferred Parking for another $10! Uh, noooooo! Are you kidding??? That is outrageous!

We parked, walked and waited for the rest of our bunch to arrive. As I asked our kids if they wanted preferred parking, ha ha ha, they didn't know what I was talking so happens that we were they only ones to get to get the offer! Ha ha ha on us! I guess we must look like we couldn't walk the distance to the park or something......or our kids thought maybe it was because on this ~

We drive a Buick
I guess it really is a car for old people...
(we did buy it from a lady who was no longer driving....)
but I like my car.
I don't consider myself to be old....
most of the time =)

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Mary Ellen said...

I'm smiling at the story of the Buick.