Monday, August 23, 2010

Paityn - part II

Paityn and her Mommy and Daddy had lunch with us on Sunday. It didn't suit anyone else to come until later. After lunch Paityn's Mommy used Nana's little computer to look up birthday supplies for a birthday party next Sunday.....Paityn's! She will be 3 years old on Saturday. Paityn wants a Princess party. All this talk of Princesses and parties caused Nana to remember she had saved a tutu that she bought for Greta at a yard sale many years ago. Sure enough, it was right where Nana thought it was!

Paityn was delighted to try it on.

It was a bit large for her, but Paityn didn't mind!
Nana found a sparkly headband for her hair.
Paityn thought her purple Crocs were just right to
complete the outfit!

What does a little girl in a pink tutu do?
Dance, of course!

And laugh, of course!

...Nana took a picture of her bu**!
(this happened to be her favorite picture!) 

And make silly faces for Nana,
 of course!

I think our little Ballerina is getting tired
or, maybe she is fixing her hairband.

No, she's getting tired.
Time for a rest...



Anonymous said...

Hi Nana! My mommy and I love the pictures of me. I laughed at them and my favorite picture is still the one of my butt. Love, Paityn Lily

fahnmamma said...


You make my day =)


Musicaljean said...

And she probably typed that comment herself, hahahahaha!

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

oh, I remember the days of pink tutus! My little girl is 13 and has grown out of tutu's. She'd probably still love them though!!

So cute!