Sunday, June 6, 2010

Nana is in love....

.......with a little boy named Aidan. He came to stay with Nana today so his Mommy and Daddy could prepare his home for a birthday party for Aidan! On Monday he will be 2 years old but we will celebrate on Sunday.

Aidan was such a good little boy.
He chased bubbles that PopPop blew for him......

He waved and said a cheery goodbye to a passing motorcycle....

He wanted to see what PopPop was up to.....

He found some sticks then wanted to 'Boom Boom'!
Can you tell he wants to be a drummer like his Daddy?

Nana says, "You are very good at Boom Boom, Aidan!"

He also played in, over, under and all around the swing set.

Hi, Nana!

He also ran in the back yard when Nana said "Get ready, Get set, Go!"
He would plop down on the ground for a second then said "Again?"
And we would do it all over....again!
He sprayed some water from the hose.
He wanted to do it all by himself but Nana needed to discretely help.
We looked at pictures on Nana's little computer.
He loves to look at Ellen's baseball picture. He says.....Glove, bat, ball...
and Nana says.....what else does she have?
And Aidan says....Hat!
He then runs and slides into an imaginary base!
Yes, Nana is in love!
This little boy causes Nana to remember when her little boy was little.
Nana's little boy is now Aidan's Daddy.
Happy 2nd Birthday, Aidan!


Musicaljean said...

Adorable pictures! I just read through all your posts. Not a bit boring. You really need to let the family know you have a blog. If you don't, I will!!

Rose said...

Love your blog!! So glad you are doing it!