Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Holiday and some unexpected overnight guests

We weren't sure if any of our kids wanted to come for a meal or not on Memorial Day. We had just been together on Sunday at Dale's Mother and sister Nancy's house. Corey called sometime Monday morning to let me know they could come. He also offered to bring the burgers. Now that was indeed a treat! Christy makes the best burgers ever. Marcy and Scott were going to his parents for a late lunch and weren't sure if they would come or not. Greta was working but said she and Lynn would come after that. Kim was working too and decided she needed to just go home. SOOOO, off to the grocery store I went. I had a meal to get together! Since we had a cookout the day before (actually we had 2 - pool party and cookout at Ellen's coach's house after the game), I didn't want to serve the same foods. I decided on a pasta dish with a tomato sauce and pepperoni instead of mac and cheese. Weis had corn on the cob for a good price, got 12 ears. Also had grapes and cherries for a good price so that was our fruit. I made a chocolate cake with the good cooked vanilla icing, tossed a salad and had left over blueberry cheesecake bars from the day before. As I was preparing the food, it occurred to me that my sister Mary Ellen may not have anyone to celebrate with so I called to invite her. She was busy working at the house she recently moved out of and was delighted to join us. Dale and I cleaned up the deck so we could eat out doors. BUT.....it began to rain. It stormed a little bit too. Marcy and Scott did come. They said the storm was really bad before they left Scott's parents. As it usually is when we are together, there was lots of laughter, baby holding, squabble tending (small children....not the adults!), adult chatter....normal family stuff! Everyone left by 10. I was in bed around 11 when the phone rang. It was Corey. They did not have electricity, weren't sure how long it had been out. He called the electric company and was told it would be out till 4am. He was wondering how long I thought the stuff in the frig would be ok. They had just bought groceries. I thought he should go buy some ice to be sure it would be ok. And I reminded him that we have a sleeper sofa and they would be welcome to come use it. He did say their house was awfully hot. It wasn't long till he called again to ask if they come come to crash at our house.......of course they could! So I got busy preparing the bed and moving some furniture to make room for a pack-n-play or 2. They arrived around midnight with things from their frig and all the things one needs for 2 young children. We got them settled and went to bed. Corey was planning to go to work early in the morning.....he got up and was out of the house around 5:30. Poor guy had a very busy day at work on so little sleep. Oh, and I forgot to say that when Corey went to the basement to get a cooler chest to put ice in....he found about a foot of water on the floor! The sump pump was not working, of course! He said it must have just poured to have that much water.

Christy, the children and I hung out here today. We researched ideas for Aidan's birthday party. Christy was able to make a list of what she needed. She said it felt like a vacation! I served leftovers for supper. I didn't think they needed to be bothered by getting a meal together. They had enough to attend to! Our little family has now gone to their home. I hope they don't face too much mess. Corey wanted to leave work early today but was not able. Thank goodness Christy was able to switch her work schedule from this evening to tomorrow evening. Christy's nephew walked to their house to let the dogs out once today. I hope there's not dog mess to clean up! Christy's sister said the electric came on between 6 and 8 this morning.

Do you think we got that sleeper sofa just in time? I do =)


Musicaljean said...

Well, of all things!!! When were you going to tell me you started a blog??? Or did you, and I somehow missed it? Now I need to catch up with all these posts I've missed!

fahnmamma said...

Oops....I didn't realize when I posted a comment on your blog it would reveal mine! I was going to mention it sometime. Just wanted to make sure I ok with it. I don't know if I know what I'm doing but I guess I'm up for the challenge. I'm sure it will be boring to most.