Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ellen plays baseball

Last spring I signed Ellen up for Challenger Baseball. Her teacher had been encouraging her to give it a try but Ellen is very hesitant to try something new. Soooo, I signed her up with out asking her. I was sure she would enjoy it. Eleen was sooooo sure she would not! She was very upset at me. The deal was for her to give a try for one season and if she didn't enjoy it she wouldn't need to do it again. Well, needless to say, she really enjoyed it! She was placed on the White Sox team with 2 of her friends. Her coach is her friend Elizabeth's Dad. We have been so impressed with this program. Kids with all kinds of challenges are able to play this great American game. Parents, siblings, grandparents and others cheer them on and provide assistance if needed. Ellen was ready to sign up again this spring. The games are played on Sunday afternoons at different park locations. Last Sunday was held at a Little League park near Quarryville. Getting there seemed to take forever! One great thing that happened because Ellen played baseball....she found out there is also a cheering program for kids with challenges. Cheering has been something she really, really wanted to do. What joy to see her participate in a sport of her dreams!

Ellen at bat.
It connected!

Chucky at bat. His sister gives some instruction.
Chucky's sister was Ellen's cheering coach.

Back to the game.....
Elizabeth and her Mom waiting for a hit.
Elizabeth's Dad is the White Sox coach.

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