Saturday, June 12, 2010


On Thursday I spent the day, well part of the day in Philadelphia. My friend Shirley Groff was called for jury duty and wanted someone to go with her. Thursday was the second day, another friend was able to go with her on Wednesday. Since I have been called 4 years in a row but never had to go, I was interested in seeing what it was all about. I'm sure I will be called again and one of these times I will have a number low enough to serve.
Anyway, we left Mt. Joy train station sometime around 6:45. The Mt. Joy station consists of a steep steps to a platform on either side of the tracks. Not at all fancy!! We had to walk from the parking lot to the street, across a bridge, down an ally to the steps!! The parking was free....that's a plus besides it only takes about 15 min. to get there. The train ride was wonderful. It's been a very long time since I rode a train. The funny thing was that Darrel Gochnaurer (a young guy from our church) who has been going to serve on a Grand Jury in Philly every Thursday got on the train in Lancaster and sat right in front of us. Furthermore, his Mom, Ruby, and their Foster daughter Deb were with him. They were going to some touristy stuff while Darrel was at the Court House. How amazing was that?! We didn't know if we would see them or not. After arriving to Philly we parted with our friends and took the Septa to some mall that was a few blocks to where we were headed. We met 2 people from Lancaster who were also serving on jury duty that Shirley met the day before. At the court house the jurors waited and waited and waited....then an announcement to sign in and take a half hour break. Then they waited and waited and waited some more. Several people walked into the room, one of them a judge. They were told that 1 trial was scheduled for the day. It was to be a short trial. But the defendant never showed. The judge said he had to be sure everything was in order before sending them home. By this time it was 11a. They were dismissed and did not need to return the next day. They all had fulfilled their duty. Nice! So, what to do? It was too late to catch the next train home so we walked a block or 2 to see the Liberty Bell. I was there when I was in elementary school. The area has changed a lot since that time. There was much to read about all kinds of things you may want to know about this historic site. We choose not to spend the time. From there we headed back to the train station. The next train home left at 1:35 and we arrived home at 3. Again, the train ride seemed fast and effortless. One we moved to the front of the car as our stop approached, Shirley whispered to me "that ladies pants match her luggage!" I had noticed it too! Her pants were a black and tan paisley.....and so were her two pieces of luggage! She was busy talking on her phone. Had she been available for a conversation, I may have asked her how one goes about the matchy, matchy!!
Not a good picture, but this is the Court House where we spent time waiting, waiting, waiting...

Independence Hall

Yeah, the Liberty Bell!
That poor guide had a terrible time trying to impart to the crowd of noisy people his knowledge!

Another view of Independence Hall through the window behind the Liberty Bell


Barb said...

What a day! It was so nice of you to go with Shirley. I can't believe you have been called to jury duty so many times. Don't you just love being available to help people now that you don't have a work schedule?

fahnmamma said...

Barb, yes and yes! I do seem to get called a lot. Each time I don't need to go, they put my name back into a pool. I then wait for 'the envelope' to arrive, usually almost a year following the last one. Fun, fun!

I do love being available to assist where needed....I'm loving life to the fullest!

Miss you.....

Musicaljean said...

Great pictures of Independence Hall!

Sam was called at least three times while in college and each time we wrote a letter asking for him to be excused because it would have been a hardship. I guess they finally gave up on him.

I have never been called. I would totally hate being on a jury, because I would see both sides and be completely unable to make up my mind