Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dancing up a storm!

Each year since Ellen has been in Middle School and now High School, the IU has provided a Prom the kids in their classrooms. It has been the highlight of Ellen's year. Ellen loves to dance. Parents have a half hour to take pictures then we say good by! This is a night for special needs kids to be more independent. Many teachers attend and if a child needs a personal attendant it must be someone other than a parent. Dale and I had dinner at JB Dawson's, did some shopping then stopped in at my sister Mary Ellen house. We always go back to the prom to see the kids dance to the last few songs. There is a whole lot of love at this dance. The kids accept each other, the teachers are making sure the kids are having a really good time and the parents who bring and pick up their kids are bursting at the seams with pride. Oh what a worthy event!

Our beautiful Ellen
(taken after the prom because it was too crowded earlier!)
Can you see her.......way across the room!

Ellen and her friend Ashley

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