Thursday, May 13, 2010

A day with some little ones

For those with children who have grown and moved on to their own lives will understand of what I speak. It brings such joy to see our children be responsible, have a home and bring us even greater joy in providing us some grandchildren! Today our daughter-in-law, Christy, was in need of someone to watch her children. Of course I was happy to fulfill this need. Now, I'm not old but I certainly am not as young as I once was. Little ones, especially nearly 2 yr. old little ones, bring with them an abundance of energy. And an keen sense of what they want, I must add! Aidan was OK to have his Mommy go....until she got to the door. He suddenly did not want her to leave with out him. What to do, what to do! My mind raced as I tried to think how to comfort him. Cookies!! Yes, I had some in a cupboard. I know he likes them very much and I didn't think his Mommy would mind if I offered him one....I was hoping it would take only one. Sometimes a child needs to have goodies in each hand, sometimes goodies will satisfy till they're gone and then the tears come again. I've been around this block a few times with my own kids! But I took a chance. As soon, and I mean as soon, as I pulled the pack of store brand chocolate chip cookies from the cupboard and asked him if he would like one, the tears stopped! Just like that! We were good for the rest of the time Mommy was gone. OK that was solved. Aidan likes to go outside. Thankfully Greta came home earlier than expected so she was able to take him outside while I took care of Zoe. Aidan enjoyed swinging, basketball and throwing a football. He loves balls. Most of the balls were still out from when he was here on Saturday. Zoe slept in my arms. I loved every minute of it! She easily smiles and loves to be talked to. I'm sure she will soon break out into a giggle. When Christy returned we sat and chatted while she fed Zoe and Aidan watched a short movie then bugged Ellen who by that time, was home from school. It's wonderful to be able to help our children. I remember my Mom and Dale's Mother and our sisters helping us out many times. Tomorrow I help my sister prepare her new home for move in day next Saturday. My work here waits. It's been here for a long time. Hasn't gone anywhere. It will be OK to wait a bit longer!

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