Tuesday, June 14, 2022

More May activities...and June too

 Good grief...will I ever finish May??

Yes, almost finished.

In fact, some of what I'm going to share was in June

but I thought they were in May =)

Time flies!!

Noah's baseball game, Saturday, May 21

It was a very hot morning!!

Our little slugger!
He loves baseball and this was his first team.

Of course the coach had a treat for them after the game!

Doesn't take the team long to get there!!

Good game, Noah!

Mother Daughter afternoon.

Thursday, June 2

It has been sooo long since Gina and I had a mother/daughter day.

Gina had an unexpected Thursday off

because of switching with someone who needed off,

so we decided to do lunch and some shopping.

It was wonderful!!!

We got take out at Red Robin,

sat at a nice covered outdoor area near the restaurant.

Then we went next door to the Hershey outlets for some shopping.

I didn't find anything but she got some sneakers she wanted.

Before heading back to her home,

we had to get some Starbucks, of course!!

Another baseball Game

Saturday, June 4

The weather was way more pleasant for this one!

Also Saturday June 4

Church picnic, music and baptism at Manor Church

Picnic, tailgate style...

Noah came with us!

We enjoyed chicken or hot dogs, chips, applesauce and other goodies.
He tore into his bag of cheese balls first thing!

Baptism was held at a beautiful small pond on a property next to the church.

Two people were baptized.

Such a beautiful evening!
(in many ways)

Music was wonderful!

Somehow this is the only picture I got of Ellen that evening...
she didn't know I was taking it.
Otherwise she would have gladly posed 😊

This kid loved the push pop
 then before heading home
he took himself to the food area and got another popsicle!!

That's all for today.
Soon time to get myself to bed...

Take care, my friends.
Stay cool.
Stay well!


Mari said...

So many fun things! Kids baseball is the best. I always loved watching it.
I know how much you enjoyed that Mother Daughter Day. It's hard for us to get those too, but what a blessing when it happens.
It's great that you were able to have a church picnic again and then baptisms to top it off!

Jean said...

Ahhhhh!!! So much good stuff in the summertime!!!! Slow down already, Summer!!!

Theresa said...

Fun times! Baseball games, I miss them. I know your family loves sitting and watching the games, treats afterwards too:) Girl time is the best, I am happy that you had that time with Gina! Enjoy your day dear friend, it's mighty hot down here... your kind of weather, flip-flops are a must:) HUGS!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Looks like the summertime fun is continuing for you and your family, Doris, and there is still plenty more to come for sure. Noah is growing up so fast!