Friday, April 16, 2021

Saying Hello

 Happy Friday!

Don't really have much going on to talk about

so I'll just say


and let you know that I'm still here.

Even though we've had some cloudy days

the sunsets are so pretty.

I was surprised several times

thinking there wouldn't be any to see...

but I was wrong!

Here's one that showed up on a clearer evening.

I can lay on my bed and see the sunset through the trees.
I love it!

It was a pretty morning today but has gotten progressively cloudy and is so chilly. 

Not sure where our warm and beautiful spring days have gone.
But I am wishing them to return!

That's it for today.


Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Saying "hello" back to you Doris, and today we did not have good weather, but snow instead!

Mari said...

Hi Doris! That is a pretty sunset!
We have too many trees around our house and I never get to see the sunset if I'm home.

Theresa said...

Oh how I love a sunset. I guess I never finished my comment:) Hope you have a beautiful day! HUGS!

Laurel Wood said...

How lovely to be able to view the sunset! Our days have been slightly cooler, also. The azaleas are in full bloom currently around town. Such a beautiful time of year. On tv this morning, I saw makeup that smells like Reese’s peanut butter cups......I thought of Ellen!