Friday, October 16, 2020

A Little bit of Fall

 Hello, it’s been awhile!

At risk of sounding like a broken record,

(bet there’s many a kid that doesn’t know what that even means!)

but really, 

there just isn’t much happening around here!

I’m certain you don’t want to hear about 

doing laundry,

(did that yesterday)

going for walks (to please my girl 😊),

(I do that lots of days)

making grocery orders for pick up,

(Did that several times recently)

making meals and clean up.

(Did that several days this week)

See what I mean??

Exciting stuff, isn’t it...wink wink!

Today I was planning to make some returns 

of a few things ordered online  

but changed my mind.

It’s cloudy and chilly and I didn’t feel like getting out of my slippers! 

Staying home felt right today.

Fall Decor

Almost nonexistent around here.  

Did put out some in our little basement living room.

A pumpkin and some fall leafy stems. 

Covered a jar with craft paper, 
tied some dollar store burlap ribbon around it,
added the leafy stem,
pulled out the white flower (because it was too much),
plopped the white flower in the bowl...
And called it done. 

Leafy stems here and there. 
Just recently got around to making the bow 
and really did not want to take it off. 
Sooo, I decided the fall sprig will be ok with it 😁
Don’t know if that’s true or not but I’m rolling with it! 

The tin bucket thing with the stems...
got two of them at Hobby Lobby
(a BOGO special)
but didn’t work for what I had intended. 
Kept them because I liked them. 
One day I decided one would look great hanging
on the side of this wooden crate. 
Love it! 

I do have a plan for the other one 
but something else needs to happen first. 
That something has been in my head for years...
we will see if it gets anywhere! 

Since we are looking at things in this small space....

Added a few things here...
The small Tupperware dishes on the shelf,
a nostalgic treasure. 

I was so thrilled to get them from my SIL
and Christy thought maybe I’d be happier 
to not risk them being misplaced by regular use. 
So there they are! 

Also two small pictures were added on the left. 
They came from Dale’s home. 
Love when I come across something that we 
already have
and it works perfectly in a space that nothing else did! 

Love this little Target find... 
perfect for the coffee pods! 

Still waiting on that last picture to be hung ...

Lighting isn’t very good...

A closer look at the kids artwork...

Marcy’s on left
Kim’s on the right

Greta’s on the left
Ellen’s on the right



I have saved these (and more)
choosing a few to keep when we moved. 
This wall I have envisioned ever since living here. 

I love it! 

This is a small room and I’m not one to fill every wall. 
Is it too much?? 
(Almost every wall has something) 

But this is our space in this lovely home
and I’m making a BIG style exception! 

And I love it ❤️


The mums are opening!

And I picked a little pumpkin 
from our pumpkin patch we didn’t plant! 

They just showed up,
how nice! 

They really aren’t ready to be picked 
and it was ouchy  on my fingers
to get this one!

I’ll wait to get the rest. 


Since starting this post
two Grands came to join me 
and are watching Frozen II. 
It’s a good movie afternoon!

Love them! 

Really love the movie too...
we are laughing and singing!

Thanks, Disney +


Susie said...

Doris, Laughing and singing with grandkids sure sounds better than doing laundry, cooking ,and cleaning. LOL. I love it. Your regular activities sounds so like mine. I love that your gallery wall has treasures on the shelf. Blessings to all of you, stay safe. And keep on laughing and singing. xoxo, Susie

Mari said...

You know, sometimes day to day life seems boring but really it's the best!
I love your Fall stuff and all your other decor. And those grands are cute!

Laurel Wood said...

Oh how I love the artwork and your shelves with treasures. So sweet to share a movie with the grandchildren. Xoxo

Theresa said...

I agree with Mildred, I love the artwork! The best memories to keep forever and now you have them displayed to enjoy! Love the mums, mine are opening too:) Have a blessed day dear Doris, hope it is perfect! HUGS!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Doris, even when you might think there is nothing to post about, you manage to come up with one. Enjoyed reading about your days, seeing the decor and those cute pumpkins. Frozen is a good movie anytime!

Jean said...

I have always loved your decorating flare. I just missed that gene for sure! I really like the framed art from your kids! I laughed at Corey's story. I think your personal living room is absolutely adorable.