Monday, November 4, 2019


It's really starting to look like November around here.

Lots of leaves have fallen.

A week ago we were seeing trees like this,
taken outside DSW shoe store across from the mall.

On Halloween night we had extreme wind and heavy rain.
I was so concerned about our many trees
but they all stayed  standing.

One neighbor two houses away from us
was not so fortunate.
They had a tree come down which basically
sliced their second story in two...
tree went through the house from the front to the back.

They are fine....thankfully the lady of the house left their bedroom
shortly before it came down.

How scary!!

Trick or treat was postponed until Friday in this area.

I didn't get pictures of the kids.
They went to a neighbors for dinner before going around the neighborhood.

I was too busy handing out the snacks we gave
to be snapping pictures.
Ugh, just can't do too many things at once anymore!

I do have this one of Zoe
taken on Wednesday evening before they went 
to Awana for Trunk or Treat.

She's someone from a kids movie.
I can't for the life of me remember the title!
I'm a piece of work =/

Aidan's blow up costume is on the back of the chair...
it's from Star Wars.
Noah was a was Power Ranger.

Friday morning after the wind and rain.

Today we had a guest come for a feast
in our back yard!

It hung around for about 20 minutes!

I had to take pictures through a dirty window...
if I had opened the door
it would have taken off for sure!

It's been chilly... cold really.
I had decided I wasn't going to wear boots until November.

(I do not like shoes.
I do not like boots.
I do not like to have my feet confined...
I do not like cold feet ☺)

I'm now wearing my boots. 

It certainly feels like November!

Last Sunday (Oct. 27)
we had a wonderful lunch with friends that we haven't seen in a long time.
It was wonderful!!

After lunch we went to see another friend who lives 
in a beautiful PC home.

Long ago we would all would get together,
kiddos included...we had 3 at the time,
 for a weekend in the fall.

We had the best time reminiscing about those fun times!

Dave and Carol, Brenda, me and Dale
(my eyes are closed, oh well)

So good to be together again!

Like I said on FB,
we did a lot of talking
but we were not nearly finished!

Dave and Carol had another visit to make 
and then a long drive back home. 

Hopefully we will have more opportunities to do this again!

It's getting dark outside already
and it's not even 5:30 yet....

I'll eat dinner then grab a blanket and a cup of decaf.

The Voice is what I plan for my evening!

If it wasn't that it would be a Hallmark Christmas movie ♥
Oh how I love them.

Take care, stay warm!


Laurel Wood said...

Cute photo of Zoe! It is looking and feeling like Nov. here too. I guess your porch-sitting days are over for a while. It's hard for me to get used to the time change! Glad you had good visits with friends. Yes, you wear your boots and stay warm. xoxo
I'm looking forward to The Voice tonight!

Kathy said...

Wasn't that wind wicked on Halloween? I sat outside to hand out the goodies and the wind just blew the bags out of the bowl I had them in. Zoe is adorable and who can keep up with all those kid movies? Glad they all had a good time Trick or Treating. I don't watch The Voice but I sure love those Hallmark movies. I usually watch them about 6 a.m. when Joe hasn't gotten up yet. They aren't his thing. ;)

Mari said...

WE had horrible weather on Halloween too - lots of wind and rain. Glad you neighbor is ok!
I love the Voice and Hallmark movies!

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

We had the same yukky weather on Halloween and the kids had to delay a day but I think they still had fun. Enjoyed your pictures as I always do. I have some boots too that I still have put off putting on...guess I am going to give in too. Have a good Tuesday.

Theresa said...

Oh that weather sounds AWFUL! I am sorry for your neighbors but very happy that they weren't hurt. It was cold here for Trick-or-treat but not rainy. Great pics of you and your friends, I know you had a great visit. Enjoy your day dear Doris, I am way behind reading up on blogs but I will catch up:) HUGS!

Karen said...

Have a wonderful week and stay warm.

Jean said...

Finally reading this. Good grief! That IS the cutest picture of Zoe!

Wow!!! How terribly scary for your neighbors! Lori and the boys slept in their basement that night. They're going to have a bunch of trees cut down that are near their house. It's just too dangerous.

Are you pictures loading onto your computer yet?