Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Two Fun Days with Three Grands

It's been so long since I've had a chance to write anything that I needed to look back to my FB posts and pictures to jog my memory as to what I wanted to tell you! Good grief.....but life just keeps on going and the fun continues!

Thursday, July 20

Ellen is missing Aaron's Acres camp this year. She is now too old to attend their activities =(  Last Thursday afternoon the camp did their Alex Lemonade fundraiser at the Lancaster Shopping Center, one of Ellen's favorite things they did at camp. I often went to get a cup of lemonade and give a donation. We decided to do it again even though she isn't a camper. It was a very hot afternoon so we decided to visit a special shop first.....

Sweet Frog goodness!!
You grab a dish, choose your flavor(s),
Pile as many toppings on it as you want....
there are a lot!!
SOOO good!
On a hot day, it's especially good.
We went next door to Michael's where the kids each picked out a toy. That was fun! Then we went outside to see if the campers were set up yet. We met a group of kids and staff on the side walk and gave our donation. It was way too hot to walk around looking for people she knew so we headed to the van. Ellen did need to go to work later so time was limited anyway. 
We took Ellen to work, came back home and made a chocolate cake!
This was Noah's first time helping with the ingredients!
He did really good.
Such great helpers!
Zoe didn't know where her chef hat was so she wore the one that goes to Aidan's apron.
Aidan was busy doing something else.

Still helping. 
She swept the floor!
I had help with dinner too!!

Zoe smashes the egg yolks.

Aidan and Noah help tear the toast into pieces.

I asked them what they wanted for dinner. Breakfast for dinner is what they wanted. So I asked, do they want pancakes? NO, they wanted Eggs Goldenrod. But we had that just a few weeks ago.....that didn't matter. It's their favorite and they wanted it again =)

This is a dish my mom adapted from a recipe in the Mennonite cookbook. We loved it growing up. My kids all loved it too. Now the grandkids do too!

Here's the short version of this recipe.....make toast and tear it into medium pieces, make a white sauce, hard boil eggs, separate the yolks and whites, chop the whites and put into the white sauce, put the sauce on top of toast, smash the yolks and place on top of the white sauce. Easy!

Friday, July 21

So the kids asked me in the morning what we were gong to do that day. I thought about it and suggested going to Choo Choo Barn in Strasburg. They were all for that!

Noah loved the trains!!

He loved the circus and all the animals!
The kids had a paper with things listed to find. 
We had fun looking!

Love it!
I loved bringing my kids here and it's even more fun with the Grands!

It's nighttime =)

They loved this little fountain.
Second time around
we waited for quite a while till the lights went out to see it again!
The band played for us =)
Notice the baseball game too.
SO much fun!!
Outside in the heat again for a few more pictures....

These three ♥
Nana, do you have 2 quarters?

Nana looked but could only find one =(
So they sat on it and rocked it a bit
were satisfied!
We were so hot and they suggested ice cream!
Of course!!

Oh we did.
Of course!!

Today the kids are having some fun with their other Grandparents. They went to the library this morning for a reptile show....I told them they are lucky they have grandparents willing to take them to something like that because this Nana could not!! 
I have kid duty tomorrow.....wonder what fun we will think up next......


Karen said...

So many great things to see and do! My kids used to love the train exhibits. glad you all have such a nice time together.

Theresa said...

SO nice to be able to spend time with the kids, cooking and on the many adventures. I am happy that you found a way for Ellen to still enjoy her favorite camp activity:) Have a blessed day dear Doris, BIG HUGS!

Kathy said...

Ir's been many years since I was at the Choo Choo Barn, but it is still one of my favorite places. It was nice seeing pictures of it. They brought back good memories. You are blessed to have such good helpers in the kitchen. So cute. And that recipe sounds good. I will have to try it.

I will be in Lancaster tomorrow. We plan on going to Kitchen Kettle, Dutch Haven and Rockvale Mall. My sister wants to eat at Bird-in-Hand so we will probably go to the Farmer's Market too. If I see you around, I'll be sure to say "hi".

Doris said...

Kathy, have fun's so humid today, hope it's better tomorrow! Don't think I'll be near any of those places, unfortunately. I'm on kid duty and we aren't planning on going anywhere. But who knows ;-)