Thursday, July 27, 2017

Happy Baby

Our youngest granddaughter is 6 months old! She is such a sweet and happy baby! 

We went to her house on Sunday evening. 

Zoe loves Cambrie!

Noah loves her too! 

Her sister, Brinley, gets in on the love!

One more kiss because you can't kiss a baby too much!!

Cambrie is probably thinking, Yay, some time to myself!!

Yesterday her mommy, our daughter Marcy, posted some sweet pictures that I must share....

Mommy with Cambrie and big sister, Paityn. 

Mommy and Cambrie with silly big sister, Brinley :)

Our baby in pearls....incredibly adorable!!

Happy Cambrie. Love her so much!

We have another grandchild on the be born in December. Our daughter, Greta, and her hubby, Lynn, are expecting their second child. We are so excited! We are not a small family and we are ok with that =)


Mildred said...

These are precious pictures, Doris. All the grands are growing so fast. This will be a very special December with Great's baby due. God bless you all.

Jean said...

What a sweetie!! She's going to miss her sisters when school starts!

So excited for Greta and Lynn. New babies are the best thing ever! said...

Precious pictures. You are so blessed to have a big family and be able to enjoy them so often.

Theresa said...

Oh what a sweet collection of pictures! I smiled as I looked at each one! A large family is a blessing for sure! Enjoy your day dear Doris, HUGS!