Thursday, June 22, 2017

Wildwood Beach Vacation

Before I get to the vacation story I need to show you what I did today.

Yes, I had hubby hang clothes line 
on the porch....
our dryer does not work!!

It went out on Saturday with a load Corey's clothes which he was bringing to the beach. They got that dried on time by taking it to Christy's brother's house. (and Noah got sick that day also....which required rags and towels for clean up. Those were washed and spread out over chairs on the porch while we were all away!!)

The dryer will be repaired on Saturday. In the meantime, we have tons of dirty stuff for 8 people (!) who just came home from a sandy vacation. What timing!

Oh, and I didn't have any clothes pins so I stopped at Lowe's today to get some. The kids in this house were very interested in what Nana was going to do with the pins. Zoe looked at the end result and declared it to be SO COOL!! Love it.

Now to the vacation. Dale, Ellen and I left Friday evening, June 16, for Wildwood, NJ. Christy's brother has a condo there that we were staying at.

Ellen says, Let's get this show on the road!

We stopped at a Wendy's on the way there.
Wendy's has the best selection for fast food choices that I can eat....
salads, chili is my favorite, baked potatoes, fries, although I don't often get them. 
Also, of course, a frosty =)

It was late when we got to the condo. There is a long two-story set of stairs (indoors) to take all our things up. We did it and were then ready to relax!

Saturday, June 17

 Dale started putting together the patio set for the condo which we brought down with us.

My handy hubby!
Doesn't it look great on the balcony?
We made good use of it!

While he was doing that, I was relaxing 
and watching HGTV....
which we don't have and I miss!

I sent Corey a text that I was getting my HGTV fix.
He replied that while I was doing that, 
Noah was sick and he was cleaning it up.
Oh no!!

Later we headed out to the beach.
There were blue skies and a few heavy clouds which
sprinkled raindrops on us from time to time.
Was also a bit windy 
and not very warm =(

We didn't even go to the water that day.
When it started to rain
we gave up and returned to the condo. 

Later we went back to the boardwalk,
Ellen's favorite thing to do at the beach!

We walked,
we had dinner,
we walked some more.
I sat out for some of the walking.
It was so windy....
look at my hair!!

Sunday, June 18

Corey and Christy and kids arrived in the wee early hours that morning. 
Zoe had a dance recital Saturday evening,
they left after that.

Father's day...
Corey played video games with the kids.
PopPop relaxes =)

We head out to the beach.
It's only a block and a half.
So nice!

It's very windy!!
Dale anchored the umbrella to the cart!

Dinner that night was hamburgers and hot dogs 
made on the grill.

We headed out to the boardwalk for a windy walk
and some ice cream again! 

We ended our day with the movie, Hidden Figures.
Loved it!

Monday, June 19

Another very windy day....
even windier than the previous days!

A little wind didn't stop Ellen and me from going to the beach!
When the sand started blowing 
we called it quits and headed back to the house!

Zoe got sick that day which changed their plans to go to the zoo.
Corey decided to instead take Aidan and Noah mini golfing.
Ellen joined them which made her a very happy girl. 

Later, Noah needed to go for a walk.
 (actually, Nana thought he might take a nap. Silly Nana!)

Dale, Corey, Ellen, Aidan and me,
headed to the boardwalk to give him a ride in the stroller.

He only rode for a little while then wanted out!
It was still very windy.

We ordered pizza to take back with us for dinner.
Noah and Aidan had a blast on the stools
while we waited!

We were also keeping an eye on the sky.
There was a storm brewing!

We weren't back long until it let loose,

We ate pizza,
I ate a salad,
then a fun game of Apples to Apples!
Lots of laughter ♥

Tuesday,June 20

FINALLY, a nice day!

It was warm, 
with just the right amount of breeze.

All smiles!

But later she said she wasn't feeling good so I walked her back to the condo.
A little later her daddy graciously went back to stay with her
because he knows I was waiting for a day like this
and oh how I love being on the beach!!

Sunshine, sand, and surf.
Books with the Kindle app
and an
Iced Coffee!!


 We stayed for hours and hours
and the tide came in
and we had to move back several times!

Lovely day.

After dinner, we went to a cute ice cream place.
After being seated at a table, 
Ellen said she wasn't feeling good again.
Oh dear.
Dale, Ellen and I decided it may be best if we order our ice cream 
at the outside window and eat in the van just in case.
Bless her, she didn't even want ice cream...
can you even imagine!
She just wanted to go back to the condo.
Dale and I quickly ate our huge and very good sundaes
and took her back.
I did get her some ice cream to go so she could eat it when she felt better.

While Dale went back to get the rest of us, 
I noticed color outside....

Gorgeous sky!
So glad I didn't miss it.

Wednesday, June 21

Our last day of vacation, sadly.

Of course we went to the beach.... 
all except Dale who thought he had enough of the sand!

It was another beautiful day!

Almost missed the military plane that flew so low for all to enjoy!

Let's just move to the beach, shall we??
That would be Ellen's dream!
Mine too =)

I think these kids would go for it too!

We have a King of the Castle!!
He may be thinking, You can't take me away from this. I'm staying!

We didn't stay long because the kids wanted to go to the zoo
before heading home.
And we needed to pack up and clean the condo for the next vacationers.

They left for the zoo at my urging.
I finished up the cleaning while Dale took Ellen for one more walk on the boardwalk. 

We said a sad goodby to the third floor condo....

 Back to PA we went.

We got home before Corey and Christy
which gave us time to clear our stuff away before they brought their stuff in.
Worked perfectly!

Must say, my bed felt very good! 
It was good to be home.

Bless dear Ellen, she was in bed all day today, 
had to call off work.
She is eating a little bit and we hope she will be all better soon.

This vacation wasn't without some challenges, for certain.
we worked through them and we declared it to be a
fabulous time away. 
Yes indeed!


Mildred said...

Hi Doris, Your photos are great! It's been many years since I've visited the beach. Ellen, especially, looks so happy. I am sorry she is sick now and hope she feels better soon. Seeing you with your Dunkin Donuts coffee...our little town just opened a DD! Yeah! So very happy you had this opportunity. I know you are looking forward to getting the dryer back! xo

Kathy said...

I love Wildwood too. We usually go to Ocean City, but in Wildwood we stay in North Wildwood. I love the shore too and would gladly move there anytime (except for when they get hurricanes!). So sorry Ellen got sick. That's no fun. Hope she is better soon.

My dryer broke 5 years ago and so we always hang our wash. Winter in the cellar, summer in the yard. You learn to live without it. But glad you are getting yours fixed!

Jean said...

I loved every picture! I'm so glad you had your week at the beach, challenges and all. Too funny about Zoe thinking the clothes pins are so cool, haha! Reminds me of the time I was at Lisa's when Sophie was about Zoe's age. I asked where the ironing board was, and when I pulled it out of its spot Sophie exclaimed, "So that's what that's for? I always thought it was a surf board!" said...

It looks like you had a great vacation and loving the beach, it was perfect. Sorry Ellen got sick and hope by now, she is a lot better. One doesnt realize how much we count on our washer and drier until one breaks down, so hoping you get yours up and running again soon. Thanks for sharing your pictures with us.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

What a wonderful family vacation and with all the photos and text in this post, it was like being there with your family, Doris. Too bad about the broken dryer, but your makeshift drying room on the porch came in handy. Hope everyone is feeling better too, especially Ellen.

Mary Ellen said...

Yes, Zoe thinking the clothes pins and hanging out the laundry was cool, also reminded me of Shopie thinking the ironing board was a surfboard. How did these very important things not get passed down to the 3rd generation!!!

I enjoyed your pictures so much. Sad that some had do deal with sickness. Glad you had a good time and had safety.
Mary Ellen

Theresa said...

Oh SORRY for the sick ones but hopefully everyone is feeling better today! I LOVE going to the beach and I can almost see ours on our calendar:) Enjoy your day, get some rest and know that I SURE enjoyed your pictures of this vacation!