Friday, June 30, 2017

Here's what's Happening

 It's been more than a week since I last wrote an update. That feels frustrating to me. I love blogging but I'm struggling more and more to find the time. I do try to stay in touch by reading your blogs....mostly at night after I'm in bed!

Let's start with Saturday, June 24.

Ellen and I were looking forward to that day for what had seemed like forever..... Moms and girls time together. It was about 6 months since we last did anything. WAY TOO LONG!

Elizabeth and her mom invited us to their house for a taco dinner, a movie and swimming for the girls and lots of gab time for the moms.

Elizabeth has a new room which they call her apartment. It is so cool! They had snacks set out for the girls to eat while they watched a movie, Beauty and the Beast.

Elizabeth is showing Dottie her new desk.
She even has a mini frig in her room!

These girls ♥

Of course the moms did what we do, talk talk!!
Kelly was just on a cruise and had some stories to tell....
she has some interesting times!

After dinner, the girls got ready for a swim.

Elizabeth and Marissa

They had so much fun!

And we did what we do best =)
Love these ladies and their girls!!

We are planning a mini golf outing for our next get together. Fun!

Sunday, June 25

Ellen had her last baseball game. The season always goes by so fast. 

Our girl is up to bat!

It's always nice to have family join us at the games!

After the game it was off to the team picnic and swim
at Elizabeth's house again! 
E's dad is their coach.

Ellen and Emily enjoying some cake

Team pic of those that attended the picnic

Coach T having a blast with the kids in the pool!
Ellen doesn't like splashing she she stayed out of this.

Again, such a good time! 

The rest of my week involved childcare and hanging laundry out on the porch to dry...hopefully the dryer will be fixed tomorrow.

Not much of a view when I got the chance to sit out there!!

Something struck us as funny =)
I had Noah a lot this week without the older kids.
They were attending a day camp and had a great time.

 On Wednesday Ellen and I met up with Gina after she was finished working. We went to Dairy Queen for some delicious ice cream then to a grocery store so she could get some groceries. She had just worked extra hours so we didn't make it too late. It was good to be together though.

The marigolds are getting tall!
Saw a bud today so we will soon have some color.

The tomatoes are growing too. 
Saw some tiny very green grape tomatoes today!

There are three peppers hanging on the pepper plant.

We are looking forward to the patriotic concert and fireworks at Long's Park this Sunday evening. We also have a picnic at church after the service. Lots of food prep happening around here! 

God Bless you! It's time for me to get some sleep, good night!


Jean said...

I just love reading about the good times with Ellen's friends and their moms.

I DO hope your dryer gets fixed tomorrow!!

Mildred said...

That is frustrating about your dryer! I love seeing Ellen and her friends enjoying their time together. E's apt. is very nice. The pool looks refreshing. I wish you all a very nice holiday weekend. xo said...

You never cease to amaze me, with all that you do and the love you have for your family. I enjoy keeping up through the pictures too. Hope you and yours have a fun filled, happy 4th of July weekend.

Theresa said...

Oh sweet Ellen and her friends, what a joy to see you all enjoying time together! Mini golf sounds wonderful, it is always on our list of things to do at the beach! Have a blessed day with your little ones, smiles abundantly shared! HUGS!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

It's always great when the girls and their moms get together time, Doris. baseball season went by fast. Hope that dryer is fixed soon.