Monday, June 12, 2017

Loving Life!

Life happening in my world.......

On Friday Ellen and I went thrift shopping.
We found clothes,
I found more than her this time =)

I also found something I've been looking for.
I wasn't sure what I was looking for
but I knew I would know as soon as I saw it.

I found this nice bird cage.

I had a glass vase at this spot which made Christy nervous.
Glass was not the best plan 
so I have been on the look-out for something else.
I was thrilled to find something at a thrift store!

 It was filled with some fake flowers and a bird nest
 that I thought was unattractive.

I was planning to put a battery candle in it.
But Zoe had another idea,
Saturday morning I found her bird in it!!

Good idea, Zoe =)

Saturday evening Aidan had a birthday party with his friends at the Laser Dome.
He really wanted blue hair for the party.
So he and his mother went shopping for some blue.

They found  blue and Mommy went to work on his hair.....

Checking to see if it's blue enough!
It is blue and he's pleased!

Sunday afternoon was another baseball game for Ellen.
Guess what, it was hot, 90's hot.
First game where we weren't cold!

Do you see that ball right on the end of her bat?

Did I say it was hot?

After the game we went for some ice cream.
This shop is in Lititz.
The ice cream is so good!

Kim came and Marcy and Scott and their girls.
Greta and Lynn and Carson were at the game but had dinner plans 
so they didn't go for ice cream. 

We started to eat inside but the kids were getting cold
while eating ice cream in the air conditioning.
Outside was ok with a cold treat!

Oh sweet Cambrie!

Today was my first day with the kids since school is out for the summer.
It was a really hot day again.

Noah loves it outside.
Even on a hot day!

Sand needs to stay in the sand table, Buddy.
But it didn't!

While I made dinner the kids watched a movie.
Then we took Ellen to work.
The kids were bored
I wouldn't let then have computer time because they had watched a movie...
enough screen time!

So we went outside for some water balloon time!

Filling balloons!

Noah is ready to get his brother!

Zoe decided to use the bottle to squirt Pop Pop!

Noah wants to try hitting one with the bat!

More squirts......

Then it's time to clean up broken balloons because dinner is ready.

Good job, kids!

What a fun day! 
I think this will be a good summer.

I think I have the most wonderful job =)

7 comments: said...

I think it is going to be a good/fun summer too! The heat gets to me, but I work through it, and enjoy the blue skies and sunshine. Hope you have an easy week ahead.

Mildred said...

I love your thrift store find! Our neighbor Ella has one of the birds like Zoe's. I love Aidan's hair! Sometimes if I use too much of the grey hair shampoo, my hair looks blue!!! lol
Fun photos of the kids enjoying summertime. Great hit by Ellen. Ice cream is good on a summer evening.
Wishing you a restful night. xo

Jean said...

Finally some good summer weather! Bless you, keeping up with three kids. Was Dale there the whole day or working? You have such a great place for playing outside.

Doris said...

Jean, he was working and came home while we were still outside.....and joined the action :)

Theresa said...

Love the new birdcage AND bird:). Summer time, ballgames, bare feet and blue hair sounds perfect to me💙 Have a sweet ALMOST Summer day dear Doris. Hugs

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Water balloons on a hot day sounds loke a good idea!

Mari said...

I Love the birdcage, and the bird made me smile. Cambrie is so sweet! Glad you are all enjoying summer!