Monday, May 8, 2017

Sisters =)

What a fun, but short, weekend we had! Saturday morning just after 8, Mary Ellen and I headed north towards State College to our sister, Jean. We arrived in good time in spite of the rain.....let the fun begin, in spite of the rain!!

After lunch we went to Bellefonte to check out an antique mall. Oh the hills in that town!!

This doesn't show how steep they really are.
I'd hate to park up there....
the car door would fly open like a bullet on one side
and be impossible to push open on the other!!

The bottom picture is at the thrift shop we found
on the way to the antique mall.
The antique place was incredibly big!
Lots and lots of levels and stairs and booths.
SO much fun!!

After that we stopped in at Jean's son's beautiful property.
de saw the tree that fell across their road 
during a violent storm earlier in the week.

They were without power for a long time.
We drove past lots of downed trees around that area.

Anthony and Lori have a beautiful property.
Taken from one of the windows facing the pond.

We all headed to Done's  Bones for dinner.
We ate there last year, too.
The food is fantastic!

Anthony and Lori and their adorable boys
Dick and Jean
Mary Ellen and me

Jeanie with her adorable grandson.
Grandpa is feeding him a french fry =)

After stuffing ourselves (the portions were huge!!)
we went back to Jean's house again for the night.
First a movie then some sleep.

We were up early and at church around 8!!
Jean is the music director at this church.
Their service starts at 8:15.

These 4 made some beautiful music together!

Jean had Mary Ellen and I help sing with the choir. 
Of course she did =)

After that service was over, we went home for a bite to eat then headed to another church. At that church neither Jean or Dick have any responsibilities. They just go to soak it in. So nice for them!

After the service we visited with Anthony and Lori and several of their friends.

Mary Ellen holding Hunter.

Before lunch we took time for some pictures....

Yes, we took one outside on her patio...
it wasn't raining but it was cold!!

All too soon it was time to head south towards home again. The time goes too fast when we are together!

Our drive home was uneventful and the was even some blue skies!

Some of our family came last evening and we had breakfast for was so good! And Nana got to hold Cambrie =)

It's a chilly day today even though the sun is shining. Here's Noah's take on it....

Happy Monday to you!


Mari said...

Sisters are such a blessing and having a sisters weekend is the best! Anthony and Lori's place is so pretty!

Mildred said...

Hi Doris, I am so happy you had this time with sisters and family. I love the photos. Anthony and Lori's property is just gorgeous! Noah is prepared for the cooler weather! One of these cooler than usual mornings, I walked the dog with a raincoat over my housecoat!!! lol I always hope I don't run into anyone! The Voice was especially good last night - I cannot imagine who will go home! said...

You are so blessed to have sisters and can spend time with them. Loved seeing pictures of your trip to visit them. There is no place like home tho, and I see you had some special time there as well. Hope your Tuesday is a good day.

Mary Ellen said...

It is fun to reminisce the weekend through your blog. It was wonderful to be together this past weekend. Mary Ellen

Theresa said...

Oh what a fun time! This post had me smiling a lot since I spent yesterday loving on my Siblings:) Have a blessed day dear Doris, BIG HUGS!

Jean said...

It's always fun to read someone else's account of my weekend! It really was way too short - and too cold! But we packed a whole bunch of good times into it anyway!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Always great to read about and see photos of your family get-togethers, Doris. Looked like some great sister time, good food and fun times browsing in the thrift store. The weather has been chilly and overcast here in NH as well.

Mary Ellen said...

I just love your header picture on your blog. I keep coming back to look at it. MEW