Wednesday, May 17, 2017

A Two Year old has a Birthday

We had a party at our house last Saturday.

 Our sweet grandson, Noah, had a birthday the week before but it suited best to party with him Saturday evening. Our house was filled with family and friends. It was loud with kids playing and adults chatting and laughing. Just the way it should be =)

My kids, Marcy and Kim
Marcy's hubby, Scott
Marcy and Scott's daughters, Paityn and Brinley

Dinosaurs was the theme.

Carson takes a ride on the big dino.

We had food!

After dinner it was time for gifts.
I didn't get many good pictures.......

Noah checks out the first gift
 while his big brother reads the card.

Waiting to play with his new puppy =)

Yes, it was all a bit chaotic....
What party with a bunch of kids isn't?!!

Noah takes a break to look out the window.

Hey, Noah, one more gift.....
but he's focused on something else!

Oh, this looks like fun....

All hands on the piano!!

Somehow the wrappings all ended up on the sofa!!

Time for cake!

Make that cake and ice cream!

Get ready to sing.....

Happy Birthday to you, Dear Noah!!

Mmm, good!!

Fun party, little man. It's so hard to believe that you are two already. But we love seeing you grow and learn new things. Love to hear your laugh! And, thanks for being my smoothie buddy every morning =)

So sorry that I have been absent so much lately. I'll try to check in again in the next day or two. I have some Cambrie pictures I'd love to share!

God Bless your day!


Mildred said...

It is hard to believe Noah is TWO! What a cute little fellow and a great party. Fun to see everyone enjoying the celebration. Take care. xoxo

Jean said...

So fun to see everyone having such a great time together! It does feel like we were just praying for Christy to get through that pregnancy, and here he is age TWO!!!

Mari said...

I can't believe he is two either! Looks like quite a houseful, lots of chaos and fun! said...

You all certainly do things up big! lol Looks like a fun birthday party and am sure Noah was happy with his presents and cake!

White Lace and Promises said...

Doris, what a precious post and those babies are darling. Mine or growing up and I want a baby again. Hoping that will happen with my daughter soon. She's saving for another round of IVF. You have a great family.