Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Wednesday Update

It's Wednesday evening. It's been cool, drizzly, rainy, sunshine for days. But that's to change. 80's and some sun is coming our way! Soooo ready!

Saturday morning found us at Lyndon Diner having breakfast with these folks....

Pat and Dorothy
The Frog and PenguINN blog!
(photo taken last summer when we visited them in NH)

It's always good to be together. We had a fabulous time!

Sunday after church we ate lunch with the Myers mother's family. The food was delicious. Each family brought a hot and cold dish.....lots of food!

 Look at the group of cousins that attended....

 Standing in order of age starting with the back row Right
to front Left.
And that's not even all of us!

What a fabulous day!

Later we spent time with my PA sibs and my sister, Barb, and her hubby from Idaho. Love!!

We had some fun =)

Barb and John and Grandma Mary
checking out some pictures on a phone.

Grandma Mary is moving so we came to say goodbye to this house, 
the room where our daddy went to meet Jesus.
We will always have our memories!

After that we said our goodbyes to sister Jean and her hubby
who were going to see some of their family before the long drive back home.

The rest of us went to our favorite Manheim place to eat.....

Manheim Twin Kiss!

What a fabulous day......

Being with extended family,
Spending time with some of my siblings, too!

The lilac's are blooming!

My favorite springtime flower!

Today I had breakfast with two moms then did some shopping.....well, lots of  looking anyway.

As I was leaving the Marshall's parking lot, look what I saw....

The Cookie Break car!
The Cookie Break is a kids radio show on a local Christian radio station.
Ellen still loves it =)

I love to rearrange furniture. We just bought a used love seat for our basement living room, planning to store the day bed. So now I make it all fit and look balanced. Love it! Still looking for an area rug for this's not that I can't find things I like. It's more like I can't make up my mind, can't justify the cost, or can't decide on a size (larger the size, more $$!)

Can you believe that we are almost to the month of May??

7 comments: said...

It was nice to play catch up and know you enjoyed being your big family, as well as friends. (I love to rearrange furniture too, but due to bad back, have had to give that up....) Rest well tonight.

Mari said...

I love your Witmer family! You remind me of my family - love, fun and a little teasing makes for great family times!

Jean said...

I always rearranged furniture, even rooms - often. In our two big houses I think Dick and I took our turn in almost every bedroom. Of course we always had an ever-changing population in our house. But for some reason in this house, there seems to be no right way but the way I already have everything.

Yes, Sunday was a good day for sure. I think we got up to 75 today. Glad you'll finally be getting sunny days. I was so ready after the rainy days we had earlier in the week.

Mildred said...

Fun pictures of your busy days with friends/family.
Growing up with mom, we never rearranged the furniture because she would trip over it due to her poor sight. John kinda likes that I never rearrange!!! lol I would love to eat at Twin Kiss - looks so delicious.

Theresa said...

What a great visit with Family! I love seeing pictures of LOTS of family members grouped up to make memories! Have a blessed day dear Doris, HUGS!

Doris said...

Jeanie, it's the same here....most of the furniture needs to stay in the arrangement we now have. I changed a few smaller pieces the other week. Our living room has a few re-arrangement choices. It's a pain to move the TV though ;-)
Crazy, we slept in all but one bedroom at our former home. I used to say that Dale would never know where to find the bed when he came home!!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Thanks, Doris, for the shout-out. We also had a great time and are so glad we manage to connect on our family road trips that involve PA stops. Looks like you and your family had a great reunion. Looking forward to the next time😉