Friday, April 21, 2017

Me and my Buddy

Almost no time to blog. I'm soon in charge of my Buddy again so being on here is not a good idea! Here's some shots of us this week.

Yesterday I was so happy to be well enough to take care of him. The stomach bug has been going around here in this house.....I was the victim on Wednesday. In bed all day. Was really concerned if I'd be able to babysit the next day, even as I going to sleep that night. But I awoke the next morning before 7 and felt fine! It came as quickly as it went =) We had a very good day.

This morning I felt good enough for my usual veggie and fruit smoothie. He often wants some too. Here we are, Smoothie Buddies!

He loves taking selfies.....

This one made him laugh and laugh!

Love this boy!!

The distant view through bare trees is no longer seen. I'm fine with that. Love feeling a bit more secluded!

This was taken three days ago....more leaves now. Changing fast!

We may not see too far into the distance any more
but let me tell you what we DID see.

One evening this week, Tuesday, we were eating dinner on the porch.
In fact, I think we were finished and just talking. 
Christy said, Look, there's a deer.
Sure enough there was a deer walking in the woods. 

Then she saw more movement and thought it was a smaller deer.

But no, it was not a deer. 
It was a coyote!!

No kidding. 
That coyote was following the deer at a distance.
I'm certain he was hoping for a meal.


Thursday morning I saw two deer cross the street right next to our house.
No coyote, thank the good Lord.

One more picture. Ellen and I took a walk on the path and into the next development near our house on Tuesday morning. It was a beautiful day!

I told Ellen maybe I should come to this spot to see the sun set.
But then I'd need to walk back to the house in the dark.
And there was a coyote in our neighborhood.
Guess not!

I get to see my sister from Idaho on Sunday! Can't wait!!

God Bless your Friday!


Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Glad you are feeling better, Doris, and hope any other sick family members are also well again. Cute pics of you and Noah and selfies are such fun as we well know! Yikes on seeing a coyote in the neighborhood and hope it does not find a meal anywhere close by.

Mildred said...

I love these cute photos of you and Noah! He is a doll and Doris, you look just beautiful. That is scary about the coyote. We are glad that the leaves block out the view from homes here too. Your front yard is so pretty; a perfect place for your grands to play! (looks like you will have shade soon)
Have a lovely visit with your sister. Hope you all remain healthy now. xo said...

Your buddy Noah is a cutie for sure. I too am so happy to see some 'green' on the trees and in the grass. Happy to hear that everyone is over the 'bug' and can enjoy spring and summer to come.

Jean said...

I guess you'll have to drive to see that sunset so you can get back home safely!

Those selfies with Noah are just toooo cute!!

Hunter, Lori, and Anthony each took their turn this week with violent throwing up. Dick had the other problem. Thankfully I avoided it.

Doris said...

Jeanie, I hope you avoided it. I had it a week plus a day after Ellen!

From the Kitchen said...

What a perfect way to spend a day!!


Karen said...

Buddy has grown so much since the last photo I remember of him! You look wonderful too. Glad you are feeling better. I know you are glad to be caring for him again.

Theresa said...

Enjoy your visit with your Sister! SO happy that you are feeling better and hope that ALL of your family stays free of the stomach bug! Such cute pictures of you and your "smoothie buddy"! Have a blessed Sunday dear Doris, HUGS!

Kathy said...

Deer and a coyote? Maybe I'll rethink my plans to move to Lancaster County. Great pictures with your little buddy. He's adorable.