Friday, March 31, 2017

Pictures from my Week

Not blogging much these days. One reason is because I can no longer do it from my phone. I used to....but that has all changed. It's one of those - I needed to do this so I could do that, then I could no longer do this because it all changed because of that. Got it??? Haha

Let me explain. We couldn't get NBC because of our TV provider (Dish) dropping our local station. (it's still not settled. So happy we dropped Dish) So I decided to get the NBC app on my phone. But I needed to do the upgrade first which has been available for forever but I never bothered to do it. That upgrade was fine, except for the Blogger app. They need to do an upgrade. It doesn't work properly at all. SO sad. All that to say I will now need to blog from our laptop computer. That is not convenient for me.... at all!

Looking back at my pictures from the past week....

Last Saturday was BEAUTIFUL!!

How I enjoyed sitting on my porch!

We really did get a lot done, but that day was not passing by without some
sitting and enjoying!

Dinner out there too!
And a sunset peeking through the trees.

Not a regular occurrence yet,
but hopefully soon!

Sunday evening we had a game night at our house with our home group from church. We played two games. One was sort of like Charades. Can you guess what they are doing?? 

If you guessed 
Crowd Surfing
You are correct!

I did not have a clue what they were doing. 
Thank goodness it wasn't me that was guessing or our group would have lost a point!
It was a really fun night.

Monday was a Noah and Nana day.

He found a mitten and his hat.
All ready to go outside, Nana!

I guess if I can't go outside,
I'll hang the mitten......

....and my hat.

Melt my heart!!

It was a nice afternoon and we did go outside to play.

But first....

He needed to help Nana make the sauce for the mini meatloaves.
He's SO happy to help.

Bats and balls =)

Look who came home!

Come play with me!!
It was a good day.

We've had rain this week too.

It's raining again today.

Looks like rainy days and cloudy days are in the future 
with a nice Sunday coming up =) 

We have a crazy robin. It continually tries to get into the garage through the window!

It leaves dirty marks and bird poop on the sill.
Who would ever guess that hubby just cleaned this window 
 a day or two before I took the picture.

The rake is to deter the crazy robin.
It's not working!!

At least it gave up trying to fly through the
 family room window
the door and the window in the laundry room!!
What the heck?!!

I will end with a picture of this cute little lamp.

Greta and her family gave me a birthday gift
 that happened to be the same thing that Corey and his family gave me.
Crazy, eh?
 (we all got a chuckle out of it!)

So I returned Greta's gift to HomeGoods.
LOVE that store!
Picked out this lamp.
Love it!!

Now I must go to Kohl's to use the $10 they gave me for my birthday. Use it today or lose it. I know I could order something on-line but I love to shop. In a store. By myself, sometimes anyway. 

God Bless your day! Stay safe, stay warm, stay dry!


Jean said...

These rainy days are getting on my nerves. Thank goodness we have sun and warmth every few days in between!

My friend Peg just mentioned this week that the Blogger app wasn't working for her anymore. I never liked it anyway. But I'd better figure out what does work for our trip next week. Can't take my desktop along!

Such cute Noah pics! said...

Well, I still have the old flip phone and dont do anything on my cell phone but talk. Everything else is done on my laptop....yes, I know, I am behind the times...:-)
Good pictures and fun times. Keep in touch when you can...we will be here.

Mildred said...

I only have a laptop too and I dropped it (it's new too) and now it is acting crazy and half the screen is jumpy/scrambled!
So happy to see you guys on the porch again. And Noah is the cutest little fellow. He looks so happy.
I love the lamp you chose. Hope you enjoyed spending your gift certificate today.
Wishing all of you a blessed weekend. xo

Barb said...

I love the lamp! I love to shop at stores too. It makes me sad that so many stores are going out of business because of online shopping! I hope you get some warm,nice days soon so you can enjoy that beautiful porch! What a cutie Noah is!! Those little ones are so fun but I must say I am tired after a day of watching them!

Pam Jackson said...

Don't you just love sitting on a screened in porch or deck. I have been in my home 25 yrs and just had mine done last fall. I love it. Great pics. And I totally love the light.

Theresa said...

Life gets busy, doesn't it:) I enjoyed seeing all of your pictures, changing weather and little children! I need to clean the junk from my windows, mostly yucky pollen! Have a blessed day dear Doris, HUGS!