Friday, February 24, 2017

What is Happening in my World

What's happening? Not much. 

I've been missing the last few days because I'm sick. Again. It's been crazy in our house with colds, fevers, ear infections and sore throats. Tuesday morning I went to my Dr for a med check.....was pleasantly surprised to learn I had lost 7 lbs. since August! How awesome is that?!! I don't own a home scales and I don't want one. Too many times in the past I thought I was doing good only to step on a scales and learn it was nothing....I'm easily discouraged so I avoid them, except at the Dr office :)

Ellen and I did a few errands in the afternoon. Feeling fine! By evening I felt a sore throat coming on fast. I was in bed all the next day, sleeping a lot plus nausea in the morning. Yuck! Had a very high fever early the next morning so off to the Dr I went again. Thought it might be strep. No, it wasn't. So I wait for this thing to run its course and's taking way too long in my opinion. 

We are having some amazingly warm weather. Yesterday afternoon I decided to see what it was like outside. Stepped out on the porch and wow! It was warm! Of course, being sick, I was in my heaviest sweater and I was comfortable. Crazy!!

70 degrees called my name :)

I'm told it's to be even warmer today so I will definitely be out there again. No fever so far today so I guess it's starting to leave....throat is still sore. Appetite is still eh.

 Babysitting was on my agenda for the last two days....thank God for another set of Grandparents to help out! Don't like being sick even for a day. 

A sweet little girl in our house is having a birthday tomorrow! 
She is SO excited to be 7! 

Party on Sunday....this Nana needs to get well fast!! 

Hope your week has been healthier than mine. Happy Friday! 


Jean said...

I'm so sorry, Doris! I just hate when it hits so fast you don't even have time to fight it first.

How awesome to have lost 7 pounds! I lost 10 last spring and have pretty much kept them off. I was thinking maybe I should try for another 10 this spring.

I do hope you feel good soon.

Barb said...

Good for you for losing 7lbs! Hopefully this is the last sickness for a long time!! Your weather is so crazy but so delightful! I am a bit envious. said...

Sure hope you are on the mend and can enjoy the birthday this weekend. Take care of you. Loving this warm weather and porch time too!

Mildred said...

So very sorry you are sick. YAY! for losing 7 lbs. Please wish Zoe a happy birthday from us. You get to feeling better soon! xoxo

here is a new blog friend's GF recipe link:

Mari said...

Sorry you are sick! There are a lot of bugs around here too, but so at I've avoided them. Hope you are better really soon.
Happy Birthday to Zoe!

Mary Ellen said...

Congratulations on losing 7 lbs. I would be so proud of that. I think you sent them to me. I don't want them, too much sitting at a desk.
Hoping you feel much better tomorrow, and don't need to miss Zoe's party.
Mary Ellen

Theresa said...

Girl, you can't be sick:( I sure hope this finds you feeling MUCH better! Sending HUGS and well wishes your way!