Monday, February 20, 2017

Gorgeous Weather, Grandbabies, Technology....what a combo that is!

We've had some sickness in our house again. I wasn't feeling really good on throat was sore and my sinuses hurt. Two of the kids had fevers. But, the was gorgeous!

Sitting on my porch to eat my lunch on Saturday.

The dirty porch bugged me like crazy but I'll let it go till it's consistently warm. This will not last, for sure.

That's crazy warm for February!

After mostly taking it easy on Friday and going to bed early, I felt so much better on Saturday. A good thing since.....

Marcy and Scott stopped in Saturday afternoon after Paityn's soccer game. Baby holding time! 

Cousin love!

Nana with her two youngest grands.... So in love with these babies!

Sunday, Zoe was fine again but Aidan was not. We took Zoe to church with us. 

Brinley really wanted her mommy and baby sister to go to church because the weather was so nice. Not as warm as Saturday but still very nice. They came and I even got to snuggle sweet Cambrie during part of the service....that brings me so much JOY!!

Ellen asked to have luch at our hometown favorite,  Manheim Twin Kiss. 

Of course we have a treat after our's the whole point of eating there!

Zoe girl working on her ice cream cone.....mmmmm, so good!

The rest of the day was a rest day. It's so unusual for us not to have family here on a Sunday. But, rest is good too.

It was a day off from school for the kids today. I had all three....we had a good day! 

It's an early out the door morning tomorrow for me. I see my Dr to go over the blood draw results. I already saw them of is wonderful. (Remember when it was two weeks or more till it was sent to you in the mail??) 

I really should be sleeping but I'm not sleepy. That afternoon coffee, I knew a Starbucks pod is not what I should have brewed! 

This is what I do when I can't sleep, besides putting on some good essential oils (like lavender, cedarwood, peace and calming, or valor. I use Young Living oils). I plug in my earbuds on my iPhone and I listen to sermons on YouTube or from several churches including my own. I enjoy Andy Stanley from Atlanta area,  Bill Hybels from Willow Creek in Chicago (he reminds me so much of my Dad. He's a much more educated man than my dad was, but it's his passion....I hear my Dad when he speaks), or I listen to sermons I already heard or missed from my own church. Bill Hybels wife, Lynn, also has some YouTube messages that were recorded at conferences she spoke at. I've enjoyed several. Once in awhile I may even decide to check what my stepbrother,  Lester Z , is preaching about at his church......Again, so thankful for technology!! I get blessed, blessed, blessed! 

Tonight I'm going to listen, again, to a Willow Creek message from August 2015 by a guest speaker, Harvey Carey. I was so blessed one night last week and I want to hear it again. This works for me....sometimes I fall asleep while listening, sometimes I hear the whole thing and find another! 

Good Night!


White Lace and Promises said...

Doris, aren't we enjoying this wonderful weather. We didn't have a true Winter so I'll just take the Spring time. Sorry you were under the weather. I'm so thankful to be feeling almost like myself again. It has been a hard winter for me in all areas. Thankful for a new beginning.

Mildred said...

Hi Doris, So sorry to read that several of you have been sick. That is such a sweet pic of Noah and Cambrie. Melts my heart! xoxo
I love the pic of Zoe working on that BIG ice cream cone, too!
So many of us are enjoying warm temps; I think we are all dreading a return to winter!
A friend alerted me that The Voice starts on the 27th!!!!! I'll be watching.
Sending hugs. xoxo

Karen said...

Thanks for sharing the cute photos. That ice cream cone would hit the spot on such a warm day!

Jean said...

What a great idea - listening to sermons when you can't sleep. I'll have to find me a pair of earbuds around here. I do not get to listen to sermons as much since I quit my office job and don't sit down doing "mindless" tasks anymore. But this past week I pulled out some old Terry Macalmon live worship CD's while working in the kitchen. They're so good.

Loved those pics of the two babies! said...

Sorry to hear that sickness is still hanging around, but glad you are feeling better. The weather is so nice and porch sitting time. Love the pictures of the cuties. Listening to messages from God's Word is always a good thing to do especially in quiet times.