Friday, February 10, 2017

Snow Day!

The kids had the day off from school yesterday because of snow. The way this year is going it's likely to be the only one they will get! 

What do you do on a snow day??

Play in the snow, of course! 
It was so cold and windy, although the wind was not felt as strongly in the front yard, but the kiddos didn't seem to mind at all. There wasn't enough snow to do much with. They tried to make a fort....i think it would have taken all the snow in the front and back to accomplish that ambitious task!

Noah didn't stay outside as long as the other two.....he did have fun watching them play.  

It's a snow day so Nana allows some special things....lunch on the sofa instead of the table, and a movie. We watched Paddington. Such a fun movie! 

After lunch Noah took a nap, Ellen went to work and the two oldest kids went outside again. They played a long time.

Before dinner I looked outside and thought it must have gotten very foggy....but it was snowing like crazy. Was brief but wow! 

The screen was all covered with snow was everything on the porch.

Snow covers the brick outside the front door. 

That little bit of snow along with the snow the wind blew into the roads made travel very treacherous. Was happy that I didn't need to go get Ellen from work. My hubby is way more skilled on slippery roads....non the less scary, though!

Beautiful sky this morning...

And a picture of our new grandbaby, Cambrie, who is two weeks old...
She is such a doll! 

Today Noah and I are hanging out together. He loves books and is waiting for me to read to him again....gotta go! 


Lady Jane said...

Such wonderful pics!!! On snow days I stay in the house and sew!. Hugs, LJ

Mildred said...

I would freeze to death playing in snow these days. I know the young ones are busy and don't feel the cold like I do! Cute photo of Noah watching from indoors. This is the first time I've seen little Cambrie's eyes open. She is such a petite little baby doll. Wishing each of you a nice weekend with lots of love!

Mari said...

Snow days are such fun! I'm glad you were able to enjoy it. Cambrie is such a pretty baby!