Friday, January 20, 2017

Shopping Day and a N&N Day

It's Inauguration Day and I've been busy. I missed all of it. I'm watching the news now and am getting pieces of it. I have many reservations about our new president. (That's all I'm saying. There will be not any nasty comments coming from me as I have great respect for this office no matter who is President) Didn't our new first First Lady look stunning in her blue dress, jacket and  gloves? So beautiful! 

Gina had the day off so I went to her and we went shopping. Two thrift stores, Hershey Outlets, Hobby Lobby, Red Robin for lunch and a Starbucks treat....that was our day. And it was so much fun even though it was raining. Her goal was to find a pair of black pants for work. She found a very comfortable pair plus a pair of jeans....American Eagle! (Both thrift store finds) She was pleased. 

I found two jackets and a sweater. 

The blue sweater reminds me of Spring. The middle jacket is purple and black with a zipper...Chicos! The plaid jacket is Christopher and Banks. What looks like brown on this photo is actually gray....much more suitable for me. 

That's more like it. 

I love my purchases and I spent less than $20. Perfect!

Yesterday was a Noah and Nana day. 
He played with his toys. 

He likes to touch the pretties :)

He ate lunch....decided a booster seat was not necessary. 
(Yes the Christmas tablecloth is still there.)

What else is a phone for???

We had a great day! 

I just love this boy! This evening he decided to be like Nana.....
Reading the newspaper while relaxing on the day bed!  He's too cute. 

Thankfully my back is feeling really good. But I now have a cold! I feel like I'm been blowing my brains out this week. I slept good last night, finally, a very good thing! Doesn't a day seem so much brighter after a good nights sleep and less pain? Even on a very dreary rainy day. 


Jean said...

What a fun day! I love those jackets!! I'm curious where you found them.

I'm really sorry you have a cold now. I pray it does not go to your chest. Sometimes coughing can be hard on the lower back!

That picture of Noah on the day bed is too cute!

Mildred said...

Love the shopping bargains. So sorry about your cold but I am glad your back is better. Little Noah is so cute. Karen's youngest granddaughter is constantly taking photos of Karen when she is not looking! You will be Noah's next subject to take photos of! Feel better soon. Love you.

Doris said...

Jeanie, I found the jackets at the Lebanon Jubilee.
I'm so glad I didn't have this cold last week. I sneeze a that is a painful thing to do with a sore back! Especially with my powerful sneezes :)

Mari said...

You did great with your shopping! I was at Christopher and Banks this week looking for something to wear to our fancy open house at the nursing home. There were a lot of big wigs coming and I knew I needed something that looked professional. I did find something but not exactly what I was looking for, and no bargains like your found!

Kathy said...

What great finds! I like everything you found. Where is there a Hobby Lobby out that way? I have wanted to go to one for the longest time and there is none around here.

I will be in Ronks tomorrow celebrating my birthday and my brothers. (We are 5 days apart.) I'll be thinking of you.

So glad your back is better. Backs are the worst. Now get rid of that cold!

Theresa said...

I wondered what N&N was:) Now I know! Our first lady was beautiful and classy! I will be praying for our President and our Country! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

Doris said...

Kathy, the Hobby Lobby isn't real near me but in the 'next county'.....Lebanon. It's such an overwhelming many pretties!! My daughter lives in walking distance to it so I'll probably get there more often now. Have fun this weekend!