Wednesday, January 25, 2017

More pictures of Baby

As you know, my second daughter gave birth to her third daughter two days ago. I got to see this sweet granddaughter and hold her yesterday and today. Precious baby!!

Mama and baby. 
They got to go home today. Mommie was SO ready to get home and into her own bed!

Three sisters! 
Paityn will be such a big helper. Brinley is still a bit timid about holding her baby sister. 

Aunt Gina meets her today. 

Aunt Kim also met her this afternoon but I didn't snap a picture of her holding the baby. Kim kept Brinley this afternoon and took her shopping to pick out some clothes and a stuffed toy for her baby sister. So sweet! Oh, she also got the big sisters some clothes too....totally sweet! 

She already melts me! 

One thing for sure, this little girl already is  surrounded with love! 


Kathy said...

Such sweet pictures. Babies are always so special.

Mildred said...

Good Morning. Very sweet photos. Cambrie is so tiny! So glad Mommy is home in her own bed now. God bless you all. xoxoxo

From the Kitchen said...



Jean said...

Love it! And Scott is such a perfect dad of daughters! I know Marcy relishes this stage of cuddling and the baby not being able to go anywhere. We seem to be beyond that stage now and we already feel a bit sad when we look back at Hunter's newborn pics. Just ridiculous how fast they grow. said...

Lots of love all around.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful baby girl!! Ya'll are so blessed!

Mari said...

Oh the cuteness! What a blessing for those girls to have sisters too!

Theresa said...

ADORABLE!!! You are so lucky to get another angel to love:). Have a sweet day, hugs!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Having just had a new granddaughter born in December, we DO know how much joy is all around.