Monday, January 30, 2017

Baby (of course), Weather, Grands

Here's what's happening at my house....

• Let's start with Baby Cambrie

We got our baby fix Sunday afternoon at Baby's home. 
Beautiful baby with beautiful mommy! 
She's a doll! 

Aunt Greta meets her for the first time...
Uncle Lynn and cousin Carson too. Carson was more interested in playing with Brinley's toys than he was in meeting the new baby!

Look who has decided to hold her sister! She getting so confident that she was going to get off the sofa with the baby to give her to their dad! Oh my....that may be a bit too confident!!

Today it snowed. Not much but any is too much for me. I know, I should live in a warm climate since I dislike it so much. But my kids and Grands are all here...I'll just have to live with cold and snow!


Snowing harder

Blowing into the porch....
on MY chair!! (Wasn't planning to sit out there but still....)

It stopped (Thank God), was sunny and looked beautiful!

After taking Ellen to work Noah and I made a quick stop at Weis Markets for some groceries. I had about 45 min. until the kids came home and needed to be picked up at the end of our street....plenty of time. Except only two registers were open and each had a long line of customers with full carts of groceries :(  I was sweating it a bit but all was well. I got to the bus stop with 5 to spare! Yay! 

While waiting -
Snowing again!

But it stopped by the time we got to our house. 

Thick clouds on that side.....

What??? Sunny on the other!!
Crazy day to say the least. It's to snow some more overnight. Not much....but remember, any is too much for me! I apologize to all who love snow and have missed it this year....

Movie Night
On Thursday evening I decided not to go to worship practice at church. My voice is terrible because of my cold. I sound more like an animal growl than a human when I talk! I cough mostly in the morning and evening, ugh. Ready for this to leave! Anyway, back to the movie night.....since I stayed home Zoe decided to also stay home. (Daddy and the other two went ......Mommy was working....Daddy is one of the drummers at church.) So, Zoe and I had a movie night, sweet. She chose Princess Bride, a movie she really likes. It was a first for me and I liked it too!

She's a precious one! 

Grands (and other kids) in Church

Every time there's a fifth Sunday, the kids at church are invited to participate in the worship team. 

Three of my Grands are up there singing =). Love it! 

It's also Sermon in the Bag Sunday. Years ago our Pastor started this as a sermon especially for the kids. He would dig out his props from a garbage bag! Kids of all ages love this Sunday. I was staffing the nursery this time so I missed the sermon. One of the Dad's at church has done Sermon in a Bag several times and did it again yesterday. I think I missed a lot.....I believe it involved dry ice and steam, bubbles and I'm not sure what else! 

Parting Shots

After the snow, a beautiful sunset. 


And that's what's happening here, well, some of it anyway! 


Jean said...

Our day was just as crazy weather-wise. Constantly changing from blizzardly conditions to bright sunshine!

I can't get over that baby's dark hair!!

Destiny always liked Princess Bride. Haven't watched it for a while.

Wow!!! That sunset!

Kathy said...

That baby is so precious. What a doll!
Our weather was crazy too. We have about 1/4 inch of snow. Not enough to complain about. It will be gone before we know it.
That's a lovely sunset.
Hope you are feeling better soon.

Mari said...

Oh wow - the sunset and the baby are both beautiful!
It's snowing like crazy here right now.

Mildred said...

Cambrie is so tiny and pretty.
I enjoyed all of these photos. I don't like seeing snow on your pretty porch!!!!! I know you long for warm weather and enjoying a cup of coffee there! said...

Pretty young ones, and pretty snow pictures. We had maybe 10 flakes this past Sunday, but that is it so far. We have had an extremely warm winter so far...60's 75% of the time. I am late getting here, so will wish you a good Tuesday.

Theresa said...

Oh I am jealous, a new baby to love and watch grow:) SWEET pictures! Beautiful scenes, love the sky! No snow here just a little cold weather here and there, but overall a mild winter! Enjoy your day dear Doris, HUGS!

krishna said...

Aww!! the baby is so adorable.... XOXO...

Please visit:

Mary Ellen said...

This was a wonderful post - loved the pictures and the words, I just discovered it this evening. Cambrie is a doll! I must go visit them sometime so I can hold her. Have a good weekend. Mary Ellen

Karen said...

What a precious pic of big sister and baby Cambrie. They will treasure that photo someday!