Saturday, November 12, 2016

Looks like November

After a day of rain on Wednesday...

The pretty around here is fading. 

To me, it looks like November and Thanksgiving. Guess that's a good thing since that's exactly where we are and heading to :)

The mums on the porch are still pretty, thankfully. 

We now see buildings again. Soon we will see cars on the roads. Although the change is nice (it really is beautiful beyond our trees too), I'll be ready to have it fill in to seclusion by May. 

Today there are leaf blowers going all over our neighborhood. Our yard is getting a blowout too!

Kids are having fun......

Right now the boys are playing inside. 
Two extra kids at our house today....double the fun! 

Later today we celebrate this girl's 5th birthday. 
Looking forward to celebrating you, Brinley! 

Wishing you a blessed Saturday and weekend! 


Linda Eller said...

To adults those leaves are a pain in the neck, but to kiddos, it is just fun, fun, fun. The mums are so pretty and usually the last blooming flower to fade. Enjoy the birthday party this evening.

Kathy said...

It really does look like November. I have spent Thanksgiving in Lancaster County and that's what it looked like. We are a little behind you but in a week our trees will look the same. I know what you mean about the leaves filling in to hide you from the neighbors. I feel the same way. Your mums are still pretty though.

Mari said...

Happy Birthday to Brinley! Yes, the leaves are falling like crazy here too. Lots of work, but fun too!

Karen said...

Looks like lots of fun at your house. Happy Birthday Brinley!

Theresa said...

Lots of smiles to celebrate a special Birthday:) It's looking like Thanksgiving here too! Enjoy your day and week ahead dear Doris, HUGS!