Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Celebrating a Birthday Girl

Being 5 is SO much fun! We had a great time celebrating this 5 year old on Saturday. 

(This picture was taken on Sunday....she's wearing one of the outfits we gave her. )

First we had dinner....pizza, soup, salad, salsa and chips, potato chips. It was all so good!

Precious kids! All but one of these kids are my Grands. 

Brinley was so anxious to get to the next part of the evening....opening gifts!!

She is not slow about anything! She tore though opening the gifts with lightening speed....but she remembered to thank each giver :) 
Love this little bundle of energy.

 Brinley's mommy (my daughter, Marcy) made this cake!! 

Mommy lights the candles, we sing, Brin blows them out, the kids lick the icing off the candles (we did it too when we were kids!!), then they all line up for cake and ice cream! 

I love celebrating my Grandchildren. 
We had a great time at your party, Brinley. Enjoy every day of being 5!

I'll close with a few more pictures....
My lovely view as I read the newspaper and drank my coffee yesterday morning. 

This little man was very tired but he wasn't in the mood to sleep. So, he kept busy running....

....around and around the chairs while Nana played some music on the TV :) 

He wanted grapes so Nana sat him at the table where he ate the grapes and a small piece of brownie (because he saw Auntie Ellen get some), then .....

How sweet is this??!!

God Bless your day!


Mary Ellen said...

So sweet! all of it. I just love Noah falling asleep at the table!
Mary Ellen

Linda Eller said...

Love seeing the celebrations of all your grands. Fun was had by all.

Mildred said...

Brinley is a pretty little birthday girl. I love the outfit you gifted her. Marcy's cake turned out great. What fun to celebrate the birthday together.

I love your sunny room for Noah to run and play and for you to enjoy the paper, music and coffee. He is precious finally giving in to a nap! Love you all.

Mari said...

5 is such fun and Brinley is a cute 5 year old! I like the cake too.

Theresa said...

Precious little birthday girl! THAT CAKE is perfect! Enjoy your day with your little ones surrounding you with love! HUGS!