Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

Preparations are in progress at our house. Christy makes the best turkey!! Oh the smell of fresh veggies, fruit and herbs that go in with the turkey....our house already smells amazing. Last night I went to sleep smelling pies baking. I LOVE this day!!!

We are enjoying the Macy's Thanksgiving parade......Ellen loves this parade.

I will soon make a favorite dish of ours, baked corn. Mm Mm

Wishing all of you a blessed day....whether your celebration is big or small. Whether your turkey is a whole one or just a few pieces of sliced breast....or ham or chicken instead! Whether it's stuffing from fresh bread or a box. It's a thankful, grateful attitude that's most important, my friends.

God Bless your day,
and bunch :)


Linda Eller said...

It is a blessing to have the things you mentioned and I am thankful for all. Enjoy your day and your family.

Barb said...

I love the saying on that picture! So true! Enjoy your day with your family!

Theresa said...

It was a blessing beginning to the very end of the day! Have a wonderful day after:) HUGS!

Kathy said...

So glad you had a good Thanksgiving. I could almost smell those pies baking. You're right, it's not what we eat, but the thankfulness we feel that matters.