Monday, September 12, 2016

Time Spent with the Grands is Time Well Spent

Just in case you are new here.....
Two years ago we moved to a new house with our son and his family. Yes, we live with them, all in the same house. And it's wonderful. (yes, it's still wonderful!) My job is the babysitter when parents are working, I cook some meals, DIL cooks some meals, we eat together, we both help to keep the main living level 'decently livable'....three kids and lots of busy adults in the house so that job is constant. It works for us!

So now that you are up to date on the backstory, let's get on with the story for today!

The parents went away to a wedding on Saturday. It was an overnight trip for them so this is what we did....

Aidan had a baseball game. His other grandparents took him and Zoe to the game then went to a restaurant for food and to a small airport to watch their aunt parachute out of a plane. How cool is that??

Hubby took Ellen to her cheering that morning and I chased Noah =)

We walked all around the house, up the stairs to the deck several times...
wherever he went, I followed!!

I see you!!

He sat and played in some stones for awhile, put stones on the porch swing,
 then found some dirt, 
dung in it,
put it on his head,
then in his mouth.....
OK, we are done outdoors for now, young man!!

 I cleaned him up and it was time for lunch. He ate then got sleepy while I started cutting apples.

He took a snooze right there =)

First batch of apples cooking.
We had a job coming up....
a fun and yummy job!

The kids came home and they were ready to help.

Such good helpers!!
And on such a 
HUMID day!

That basket of apples made lots of sauce.

And guess who likes this applesauce but never would eat it before....

We ordered pizza for dinner, 
we watched a movie and ate ice cream.

Time for bed.
The kids did great getting ready for bed.
No tears.

It took no time at all!

Busy day, tired kids =)

Up early kids....
Zoe is usually the first one up. 
Not this day.

It's 6:30a and I'm ready to play!

Next was Aidan! 
Then Zoe.
All up before 7:30.

First was church then lunch. We decided on Wendy's. On the way there Aidan asked if they still have the 50 cent small Frosty's.....I didn't know but thought it was probably over. Nope, we saw the big sign in the window. Sure enough, it was still on.....was the last day! 

Enjoying lunch!

While they waited for Mommy and Daddy to return
we watched a movie,
had a bit of computer time,
played on the swings,
Zoe made a note for Mommy

and cried a little bit because she missed her so much,
Aidan and I comforted her,
Pop Pop chased Noah,

and then 
Aidan saw a blue car....
and it turned into our driveway!!

Time spent with the Grands is time well spent!


Mildred said...

Sweet photos and sounds like you all had a good time.

Mari said...

Those grandkids are such a blessing! You had a full weekend!

Linda Eller said...

I admire your energy and know you enjoy being with the little ones. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

From the Kitchen said...

I, along with my parents and two sisters, grew up in my grandmother's house which had been in the family for generations. We loved it. Such warm memories! It sounds like your family is making those wonderful memories now.


Theresa said...

Perfect way to spend a weekend:) AND... lots of exercise! I know they enjoyed their time with you and I am sure the Parents enjoyed their getaway:) Have a blessed day dear Doris, BIG HUGS!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

You all have a very full and fun weekend, Doris. And that homemade applesauce looked as good as it must have tasted too.

Susan said...

Amen, Doris!!! Time spent with our grands is always time well spent ---- relationships take time and are simply priceless (no matter how exhausting we are at the end of the day).... Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!