Friday, September 9, 2016

Brinley comes to Play

I love this little bundle of energy!!

She came to Nana's house while Mommy had an appointment.

 First she paints....

By the time she was finished, 
she had paint totally covering two pictures...
all you could see was paint!
(paint all over her hands too)
She was having fun!

We took a walk with Noah then she wanted to go down the slide....

Watch me, Nana!

He was content to watch. 

We head to the house because
it was HOT and so HUMID!!

She found bubbles and had to blow some, of course!
(and spill some too...they always spill!)

She was happy when her cousins came home from school.....but her parents came soon after that to take her home. She had a good time, I think =)  Come again, Brinley!


Joanne said...

Remember those days. They have so much fun

White Lace and Promises said...

Oh what fun! I love for my babies to come here! They are so in a routine for nap time and bed time that I usually go there at least in the evenings. Now that I'm not working I hope to get them next week some.

Mildred said...

She is such a tiny little doll! I know you and Noah enjoyed her company. I think we will all be happy to feel cool temps.

Theresa said...

What a fun time at Nana's:) Enjoy your day dear Doris, BIG HUGS!