Monday, September 19, 2016

Good Friends, Good Times

We are back home again but not without a boatload of great memories!

Here's what we did while at Rehoboth Beach, DE.....

We arrived at the condo early Friday evening, a little later than we thought we would. The traffic was very heavy most of the way there. But, we arrived safely and that's all that counts.

We settled in, freshened up and went to dinner at a favorite restaurant, Bethany Blues!

Back to the condo then to the boardwalk to walk off that great meal and to get dessert =)

Beautiful full moon!

A beautiful night by the Atlantic ocean.

Ellen, Emily, Bri, Marissa
(We really missed the three girls and their moms that couldn't come!)

Moms and daughters

One of Ellen's favorite things to do at the beach....
eat ice cream!
Yum Yum!

By the time we got back to the condo it was late and some of us were tired.....some is an important word in that sentence =) 

Morning came earlier then I wanted it to.....a long and loud fire siren at a nearby firehouse woke us up at 7. No going back to sleep for us so we got up!

Marge and I made breakfast.....Marge was in charge of the eggs, I took care of the bacon.

Sleepy but hungry girls wait for breakfast to be served.

Next stop, The Beach!!

The Towers Beach was closed, don't know why
so we drove a bit farther to Indian River beach.
It's right beside this beautiful bridge....
a bridge that took years and years to build!

The girls are "testing" the waters =)
Felt cold at first but wasn't bad at all.

Is this not a precious picture!
Thanks, Marge for capturing this and sharing =)

My girl loves the beach!

They all love the beach!

What a beautiful was perfect!

Time to wash off the sand from our toes 
and head back to the condo.
So sad to leave the beach!!

We cleaned up and loaded into Reba's van to head back to the boardwalk for dinner.

Our favorite pizza at the beach!
(thanks to Marge for taking the pic!)

We ate, we walked, we shopped....perfect!
And we ate ice cream before leaving, of course!
I didn't have ice cream, 
I got a vanilla caramel (decaf) frappuccino.
It was delicious!

Back to the condo for a movie before bed....although I did bring popcorn, we were too full from dinner to have it!

Love hearing the girls laugh!
They watched Charlotte's Web.

And another day at the beach was history, already.

 We needed to be out of the condo by 10 on Sunday so we decided it was out to eat for breakfast after we packed up. IHOP, here we come!

Ellen and Emily =)

Was good we got there when we did. The waiting area was full and over flowing to the outside of the restaurant when we left.

 Next the outlets for some retail therapy! Love it!!

Couldn't make a dent in visiting the many stores because our goal was to leave by 12 to head back home. Was shortly after 12 when we headed north out of Rehoboth. But, oh the took us 4 hours to get home! Crazy.

Another great time spent with these fabulous friends.... filled to the brim with wonderful memories! So blessed!!


joanne said...

Rehoboth beach a fun place

Mildred said...

What a wonderful visit. I love the photos. What a blessing these friends/moms are; sorry there were some who could not make it! Sounds like delicious food and the water/sand look great. Treasured memories and photos. xoxo

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Looks like moms and daughters all had a great weekend away.

Linda Eller said...

Memories are definitely made of times like this. Enjoyed seeing the pictures. Traffic - Boooooooooo!

Theresa said...

Blessed, for sure! Love the pictures and the smiles show what a great time you all had! Love Ellen's swimsuit:) Have a blessed day dear Doris, HUGS!

Linda said...

What a great getaway! Your full moon pics are great!