Monday, August 1, 2016

This and That

Noah is my boy several times a week when his mommy works. He's a sweetheart and very busy!!

Here he emptied the bucket and made it a drum.....

He was having a great time!

Music, any music, makes him dance. It's just so cute!

Here he was driving and dancing....and making sure I was watching :)

Today he ate his lunch then went to sleep! 

I reclined the back of his highchair and placed a blanket under his head to keep him comfy. He slept like this for about 20 min. 

I always love a beautiful sky! 
One evening last week....

Day is dying in the west....

We've had lots of rain. On Saturday it poured, again!

The grass and plants appreciate.

Also on Saturday, I had lunch at one of my cousins home. Earlier this year some of us decided it would be wonderful to gather the girl cousins (on my mother's side) together for a meal and fellowship.  Saturday was the day....what a wonderful time we had. We ate, we talked, we laughed, we shared what we do each day, we reminisced, we wiped a few tears from our eyes too. 

14 Cousins! 
Our ages are 61-77. I guess we are the older word, that happened fast!

Tonight I made stuffed peppers for dinner. Yum! The peppers were at church yesterday, a help yourself item. I also picked up two zucchini. They were used in three pans of zucchini bread. Yum! One of the pans is GF for me :). I suspect the produce came from the garden of Ruby G, a very generous lady. We felt totally blessed tonight because of this dear friend!

God Bless your day!



Mildred said...

Noah is so adorable. Busy as a bee!
How nice that you ladies had fellowship together.
Your stuffed peppers sound delicious. I love the summer bounty of fruits and veggies! Have a great day. xoxo

Linda Eller said...

Gotta love little boys...they are so busy, and Mr. Noah is no exception. It is nice to gather with family and I know you enjoyed. We love stuffed peppers too, and zucchini bread is a favorite for sure.

Theresa said...

Sweet little one, love watching them grow:) The older generation, yep I am one of those and don't feel older at all! Sending HUGS your way this beautiful morning!

Susan said...

You are definitely in Nana-heaven! Your sweet little boy :) .... Family relationships are everything ~~~ no matter how far away we cousins may be, we still are always there for each other. Love to see that you can get together with yours. (And I LOVE your sky pics ~~~ absolutely wondrous!) ..... Have a blessed week, my friend!

Linda Eller said...

Doris, I dont know why you cant connect to my blog....I dont have anyone blocked that I know of. Am going to re-check and see what is wrong. Please do follow me, as I follow and comment on your blog.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Your grandson is growing fast, Doris. The cousins get together sounds like it was a good time and enjoyed the group phot. No rain here in NH for quite awhile, so could you send some from PA?

Karen said...

Precious photos of Noah! He is a busy boy, learning so much. I know you love every moment with him.