Monday, August 8, 2016

Summer Water Fun

When Aidan was 3 or 4 he got a fun water toy for his birthday. I didn't know it was still around until Sunday afternoon. We told Paityn and Brinley to bring their swimsuits. They did and the four Grands had fun! (No pictures, unfortunately)

Pictures from Monday with the same fun toy....

This toy squirts water out of many places. And depending on how much water pressure they use, it sprays high and hard. Such fun!

Noah sat on the porch for awhile and watched. He soon decided to have his own fun.....

He found the frog watering can which he discovered had water in it...he splashed in the water and tried to wipe it up with Aidan's shirt!

Yes, we are watching the Olympics as Zoe clearly demonstrates....

Here Zoe is getting ready for her 'Event'...swimming :)

Get ready, Get set, GO!

She is off!
She swam to the end of the pool and is now on her way back....

Keep going, Zoe....

Almost there!

Whew, she made it!
Zoe's many faces after her exausting race!! First a smile.....then pant, pant, pant! Gotta love that girl <3

The fun continues when Noah decided to enjoy the water sprays too. 

A bucket can also be lots of fun!

These three brighten my day!
I feel so blessed to live in the same house and watch them grow up. 


Mari said...

Such cute pictures! Yes, you're blessed to have them with you.

Mildred said...

I adore all of these photos but especially with the 3 of them having fun. Zoe is so cute in her imaginary Olympic pool! So very happy for all of you! xo

Linda Eller said...

Children just make life happy! Those 3 definitely bring a smile to my face and happiness to you for sure. Happy Wednesday!