Friday, June 10, 2016

Nice Days

Our weather has been cooler this week. Wednesday was really cool....mostly high 50's! Yesterday and now today, we are experiencing beautiful blue skies and temperatures in the 70's. Nice!

Nice days for....

• Planting
Hubby planted the flowers yesterday. I purchase them, tell him where they go and he plants, waters, feeds, weeds.....he's a keeper :)

Now we wait for them to grow!

• Playing Outside

Aidan made up a game using a ball and invited Zoe to play along. 

Zoe isn't always so enthused over her brother's games, unfortunately for big brother. 

Little brother loves to watch. He can't wait to play his brother's games!!

• Playtime with cousins! 

Paityn and Brinley came this morning to play. 

They are loving the tube slide!

Running to go again!

Aidan goes down the bumpy slide. 

The swings see some action too :)

They take a break to eat some yogurt on the porch. 

They ended their time with some Wii Kids dancing. They had a great time! 

Yay for the good old summertime!


Mildred said...

Your weather sounds delightful. Love the "un-impressed" look Zoe is giving Aiden! lol Looks like they love their new play set and I see the porch is being enjoyed again now that nice weather is back. Love to you all.

Mari said...

The weather sounds a lot like ours, but we are supposed to get very hot weather tomorrow. It's been wonderful though.
You gotta love a hubby who does all that - better keep him!

Theresa said...

Fun, fun in the Summertime:). I know those little ones are having fun with the slide and swings:). Enjoy your day dear Doris. Hugs