Sunday, June 12, 2016

A Change to our Porch

Yes, change is due. Actually, it's overdue!

Ever since we have lived here, two years now, we have been talking about this change. But life has a way of bringing stuff our way and this change just kept getting pushed into the 'sometime we will get to it' category. That sometime has come! 

We now have a very active baby boy in our household. Our porch is not safe for him at all. We discussed what we should do.....Christy, the bargain hunter she is, went looking for affordable options.....and this is what we came up with!

A work in progress. 

Christy found the round black rods at a surplus store for a great price. Of course our resident carpenter knew just what to do with them. He's making the panels and is installing them. 

Totally pleased with the outcome!!

Doesn't it look so much better with the panels rather than two strips of wood?? 
Can't believe we waited so long to decide and do :)

I was concerned that it may obstruct my view. It doesn't at all! 

He will work at making more panels to complete the job. Oh what joy for our baby! He loves it on this porch and he will be able to go where he pleases.

Today the temperature is comfortable and there is a brisk breeze. It feels delightful on my porch. 

Happy Sunday evening to you!


Barb said...

That railing looks so good! How nice to have someone in the household that can do such great work!😊

Mary Ellen said...

It does look lovely. You are so fortunate that Dale has carpenter skills.

Mari said...

It looks so nice, and will be much safer! You'll enjoy it!

Jean Stauffer said...

I love it!! Anthony and Lori will be needing to make some modifications in the next six months too!!

Mildred said...

It looks wonderful and will be safe for baby Noah. Sounds like a delightful weather day for you! Enjoy. xoxoxo

Linda Eller said...

A smart move, looks nice and much safer for the little one.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

The porch looks really nice and very stylish with the safety railings installed.