Friday, June 17, 2016

Life Happens.....

I'll highlight some of the goings on around here while I sit on my porch and enjoy the bird chorus.....really, I wish you could come and enjoy this with me. We wouldn't need to talk, just listen. Yeah, and not talking, that's laughable!! Anyway, back to the purpose of this post ~

• My iPhone. Oh what a mess this could have been. Here's the short story - on Wednesday morning I was in a hurry. My phone took a flip out of my bathrobe pocket, something it has never done before, and landed you know where. Yes, it involves water. Into rice it went for two days. This morning I turned it on and it works!! Whew. 

• This evening I discovered a piece of rice stuck in where I put the charging cable.  Yikes. Thanks to my wonderful son for digging it out (with a toothpick!) so I could charge my phone again!! What good would a working phone be if I can't charge it =/

• I blog from my phone. Even though I could read and comment from my tablet, I still felt out of touch.

• There were a few times where I was the only one home and no phone at all. That felt a bit strange....but it all worked out.

• I learned that it's easier for quick checks on things from my phone than from the tablet. I'm thrilled to have my phone again. 

• On Tuesday evening, grandson Carson came to play. Love him!!

Zoe decided to give Carson a run for his life, hehe! She loves a thrill but did pretty good driving with her precious cargo =)

I think he's not as thrilled with this ride! 

Carson also played catch with Aidan. 

He is such a delightful little boy! 

• I had a rare day to myself today. I went to the mall all by myself! I did a lot of looking and very little buying. I tried on lots of clothes and some shoes. No shoes came home with me. I'm too picky!!

• I also shopped at a big grocery store that I only go to occasionally. There I was thrilled to find a sample box of decaf pods from a local roaster. The box contains three flavored coffees I used to buy as fresh ground bags years ago. 

I drink very little regular coffee. That's a recent thing. Caffine is not agreeing with me, something that I am very sad about. I always enjoyed a pick-me-up cup in the afternoon. No more, and guess what, I'm doing ok! Took awhile but I'm not missing it as much anymore.

• Tomorrow morning we will enjoy coffee with blog friends, Beatrice and Grenville, (Dorothy and Pat) of The Frog and PenguINN. We try to get together when they are in our area and I'm thrilled it suits  this time!

• The porch railings are finished! Baby Noah is thrilled =)

It's a lovely Friday evening. 

Thanks for visiting, I hope you are well, are filled with joy, and will find rest at the end of this day. God Bless!


Mari said...

I'm so glad your phone is ok! I'm impressed you blog on it. I read FB on mine, but that's about it.
Love the pictures - cute, cute kids!

Doris said...

Mari, I use a Blogger works for me :)

Theresa said...

Oh girl, I have destroyed my phone in the pool a few years ago! STUFF happens and we recover! I need to get the Blogger App:) I didn't know there was such a thing! I always use my laptop! Enjoy your weekend with all of those little cuties! ONE of these DAYS, I want to sit on your porch... talking away the day:) HUGS!

Mildred said...

Theresa and I will come together and join you on that beautiful porch! So happy your phone is ok! Carson is growing and changing so fast. You have such sweet grands. Wishing you and your family a blessed Father's Day weekend.

Karen said...

That does look like a peaceful and perfect evening. Love that sunset. Have a great weekend.

Doris said...

Karen, that's as much of the sunset as we ever see. We have too many trees to see more.
Mildred and Theresa, the coffee and tea will be ready when you arrive! How fun that would be!!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Glad your phone survived the dunking, Doris...been there and done that and the rice is now a pantry staple.
What fun you must have had getting out for a solo shopping trip!
And, so glad we were able to connect again on our stopover in PA.