Tuesday, March 29, 2016

More Spring Pictures

Spring is here.....although it's rather chilly with a brisk wind today. But the sun is shining, yay!

Our view of the the homes and businesses beyond us is slowly disappearing. That's just fine! 

Marcy gave us these flowers on Sunday. She had several of these beauties sitting on her tables. 

These flowers aren't real, of course. They bring joy just the same. The small figurines are new. Found them at a thrift store for a few dollars. Love them!  

These aren't real either :)

The pansies are real! 
This year we re-used last years containers and just bought pansies to fill them. It will take some time for them to look full. 

Not a great pic of these cute pansies... But they do look really good in that purple pot! 

Hope your day is pleasant wherever you are and whatever you are up to today....God Bless!


Mildred said...

Isn't it nice for the leaves to begin to appear on the trees and block the view? We have been having perfect weather the last couple of days but of course, we have pollen. Your pansies are so beautiful and colorful. Enjoy your evening. xo

Mari said...

Oh, such happy Spring shots! We are supposed to get another blast of winter the end of this week and this weekend. :(

Theresa said...

Real or fake, still pretty:) Love all of your Springy flowers and pastel colors! Have a blessed day dear friend, BIG HUGS!