Monday, March 28, 2016

It was a Happy Day

I got up early to put a ham in my crockpot for our 3:30p dinner. I coat the ham in a mixture of brown sugar, horseradish, course ground mustard and just a bit of's a recipe I got from a Taste of Home magazine years ago. It's really good!
hid Ellen's basket as I always do. 
Ellen gets up and goes on her hunt :)
Zoe and Aidan wanted me to hide theirs too, so I sent them back upstairs while I hid two more baskets! 
Some hints were necessary :) They each found their baskets! 

Aidan empties his. We didn't include much candy because they would get enough in an egg hunt later that day. 

Zoe digs in!

She likes the white board and immediately draws a picture on it!

Ellen is pleased with her movie and a Word Search book.....she does word searches all the time! Was also thrilled with the PB rabbit in her basket :)

We went to church early because I was singing with the worship team. We meet early for parctice. What a wonderful celebration we had! Love my church family! 

Home again to make more food....this time baked corn and hamloaf. Our house already smelled amazing because of the ham in the crockpot!
Other food made on Saturday....a very good GF carrot cake (I was so hungry for carrot cake!) and a big Tupperware bowl full of fruit salad. 
I pulled out the ham, sliced it up and put it back in the juices. I nibbled at some during the process, I surely did :)
We packed up all the food and headed to our daughter's, Marcy, house. 

Her hubby's family and the parents of their SIL were also there. Marcy and Scott set up tables from the dining room into the play room. It was wonderful and the tables were beautiful. I didn't take any pictures.....totally sad about that!

The meal was fantastic....chicken, sweet potato pudding, mashed potatoes, broccoli and asparagus, salad, plus all the food I brought! 

Paityn literally jumped up and down at the sight of baked corn! Thrilled me to pieces....I love making it and I love to see the family enjoying it! Thanks to Greta and Lynn for blessing us with some of their homegrown corn....that is always the best!

We did a lot of talking and laughing. The kids did a lot of playing and enjoyed an egg hunt. (Didn't take any pictures!)

Paityn with her cousin, Maelyn. Love that red hair!

The kids....aren't they just so precious?
These kids are so blessed....they each had both sets of Grandparents at their Easter celebration! 

Brinley plays with Maelyn too :)

We had a wonderful day! I was plenty tired by day's end and that's just fine. Wouldn't trade a family dinner with anything in this world!


Karen said...

Sounds like a wonderful day. I agree - they are all beautiful! Thankful for the blessing of family.

Mildred said...

Such precious photos of the little ones. I am envious of Ellen's basket goodies! You have made me hungry with your delicious sounding menu.

Mari said...

It looks like you had a great day! My ham had brown sugar, mustard and pineapple juice and crushed pineapple. It was good too. I never heard of baked corn, but it sounds interesting!

Theresa said...

That sounds like a wonderful but really busy day:) Now, post that recipe for the baked corn:) Sounds delicious! Love all of those babies enjoying their Easter goodies! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

We also had a fun-filled and busy Easter weekend visiting with family and grandkids in RI and CT. The holidays can be hectic, but always good to see family and friends :-)