Monday, March 14, 2016


62. That's a fact. And I'm ok with that!

Yesterday was my birthday. I'm now 62! I had a wonderful day. 

First was church....I sang with the worship team and served in the nursery. Two of my Grandchildren were among the kids who joined me. Delightful! Have I told you recently how much I enjoy being a Nana? =)

We decided on a light lunch since I wanted to eat out for dinner with the family. A nearly empty gas tank took us to Sheetz where I ordered two hot dogs for Dale and for Ellen while Dale filled the tank. Two hot dogs for $1 is a good deal! I bought a GF nut bar for me. Awaiting at home for me was a surprise from our son and family.....a Shamrock shake! I love those shakes and enjoyed every slurp!

A bag of potato chips called my name ...I answered in the affirmative! 
A recliner, a fire, a bag of chips. Happy Birthday to me!

Dinner with our family was at Ruby Tuesday at Manor Shopping center. What a delightful time! Our servers were fantastic. My family is fantastic and silly and wonderful :)

Silly family.....
See the next pic.....Paityn is certainly related to her dad!

You bet she is, haha!

Pictures taken while eating are always interesting! Sorry, Christy!
Eating while holding Noah is always interesting as well! 

Ellen loves chicken fingers and fries! 

This sweet fella eats as much as a big kid! 

I enjoyed blackened tilapia, steamed broccoli, two trips to the salad bar and a delicious berry sangria. Because it was my birthday, I was also served a free strawberry sundae. Oh my, it was so good and I was so full! 

Yes, it was a delightful day! 

Another freebie today, a Starbucks peppermint mocha, vente of course! Mmm! 

Ok, the birthday is past and the celebration and overload of calories must end! 

I'll just enjoy these....
Flowers from my hubby, they won't add bulk, haha!

So happy to be 62! 
Last week I had a brain scan to determine the reason for a hard lump on the right side of my head. I've had this lump for many years but it's been getting bigger recently so my Dr. sent me to a general surgeon who sent me for a scan because he wasn't certain what it was or why it was there. I always thought it was something that lots of people have that can be easily removed. Nope, it wasn't. On Friday I received the say that I/we weren't concerned would be an outright lie. I tried to rest in the fact that God knew and he was completely in control...and did pretty good most of the time. But, there were moments. 
Thank God, the scan showed it is only bone, nothing else! Probably a result of head trauma at some point but I'm not certain what or when. I could have it shaved down if I want but I'm choosing not to at this time. 
God has been so good to me and I am extremely thankful!   


joanne said...

Glad you had a good birthday . So glad for you the scan showed good results

Barb said...

What a wonderful birthday with your family! I am so happy for the scan results!! I certainly can understand your anxiety! God is good!!

Barb said...

I'm wondering if that spot on your head had anything to do with the car accident you and I had. I know I had stitches in my head but I don't remember what your injuries were.

White Lace and Promises said...

What a precious day! I tell you I don't know where those little fellows put it all! I thought I'd lose some weight giving the kiddos my food, but nope, hasn't happened. I'm glad you have a special day. You have such a special family.

Theresa said...

WOOHOO... Sixty two! I am right behind you! May is my month! I have already filed for Social Security, have you? We are just youngsters, loving life with our families! Happy Birthday to you my friend, sounds like a perfect day! HUGS!

Jean Stauffer said...

Next time we're together we'll have to compare lumps. 😀. So glad for your results. And that you had such a wonderful birthday.

Mari said...

Happy Birthday! I would not have guess 62 - you look younger. Glad you had a good day. I don't care for Shamrock shakes, but that Starbucks drink sounds wonderful.
The flowers are so pretty and I'm so thankful for your good results!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Belated Happy Birthday wishes, Doris. It looked like a wonderful family get-together, once again. And, treating yourself to chips and sitting in a favorite chair was OK cause it was your day! Glad to read that the head bump was not a serious issue. Good news to get after such concern.

baili said...

happy birth dear ,you are so lucky to have such lovely family ,your grand kids are so pretty,glad that at the end you got good result congratulations for that have a wonderful blessed healthy life