Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Quiet House

It's rare that this house is quiet. And that's just fine. I am enjoying it.

love this season. This year I'm not involved in anything besides family and that's sitting ok with me. Christy isn't working a lot so I don't even have kid duty too much.

 Decorations are coming together....just have some stockings to hang yet and fill the blue pots with greens.  I'm not going to decorate the lovely banister this year....can't believe I'm leaving it bare, but I feel like simple is where it should be this year. I'm ok with that. 

Aww, look at that little cutie bouncing in front of the tree :)

The angel reigns at the top...just as it should.

Tonight I made dinner using the usual. I rarely cook from a cookbook anymore. Most recipes I go to are gathered on my phone or tablet, even the recipes I used to have in magazines and some cookbooks. 

Tonight I made an old Taste of Home favorite....Sausage Gravy and biscuits. 

It's so yummy! I used GF flour in the gravy so I could eat it and mixed up some GF Bisquick biscuits for me. The rest of the gang ate regular biscuits from a can. We also had cooked carrots with a butter and honey drizzle. Mm, good!

"Let your light so shine....."
Yes, be a light. We need more light producing, path lighting....a warm and inviting glow to this dark and crazy world.  A Jesus light! That's my desire. 

God Bless you, this quiet Wednesday evening.


Linda Eller said...

Your home looks so pretty and inviting. I am with you on 'simple' this year. I prefer to focus on the real reason - Christ!

Jean Stauffer said...

Everything looks so beautiful! We still have not done any decorating inside or out. Dick was sick last week, but worked every day anyway. By Saturday afternoon, when I had hoped he would put up our outdoor lights, he was not able to do anything but sit in his chair and sleep. He's been feeling better every day, even played basketball yesterday morning. So hopefully this Saturday we'll start to look like Christmas around here.

White Lace and Promises said...

Yummy! I call it "White Gravy" and biscuits are my favorite. Your tree is beautiful!

Theresa said...

Yes, we should all let our light shine:) Simple is working for me this year too! Have a blessed and beautiful day dear friend, HUGS!