Tuesday, November 3, 2015

November 4

Today I am Thankful for

Beautiful November weather!

A balmy 70.....yes, it got there! How I wish it could stay. 

(Pictures taken yesterday)


I enjoyed eating some yogurt on the screened porch. Then this sweetie asked me to go outside with her....who could turn down that request? Certainly not me!

She climbed into her car and off she went....

She said she needed to fill up at the gas pump....

Here she comes....she's on her way back to see me.

She's a very careful driver!

Hi, Nana! What you been up to? What a cutie!

Today, Wednesday, is a repeat of yesterday -

Sunny, warm and wonderful!

Thank you, God, for this glorious break from the cold.

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Mari said...

We are having similar weather. It hit 75 today and I'm loving it! Your pics are pretty and the ones of your granddaughter are so sweet - made me smile!