Monday, November 9, 2015

Full of Family

Whew, this was a busy weekend. It was filled with family. Then again, what's so different about that....full and family?? It was good and here's the pictures to prove it....ready or not....there's a bunch!

Brinley has a party!

This sweetheart is 4! She was so excited for her party. 

Big girl Paityn loves her baby cousins. 

We had a delicious dinner then it's time for gifts! 

A Frozen play dress and fun magnets from Aunt Jess, Uncle Josh, cousins Nolan and Maylin. 

PJ's from Aunt Gina

Sister reads the cards. 

Paityn tells Brinley that she will love this gift. 

She does!

Brinley loves clothes....several outfits from Aunt Kimmy in this gift. And....

Lipstick!! Kim asked her what she wanted for her birthday and all she said was lipstick...which totally cracked us up! She got some :) one happy girl. 

More clothes and stickers from Aunt Greta and Uncle Lynn and cousin Carson 

She opens our gift....

It's a big coloring book. 

Slippers that match the PJ's from Gina

A Princess book. 

And crayons. 

One more gift!

A Holiday Barbie from Zoe, Aidan, Noah, Uncle Corey and Aunt Christy

Time for cake!

Lighting 4 candles

Look this way....

Look that way....why?

Because all these people are taking your picture!!

Carson says, Hurry up and cut that cake or I'm going to eat this bat!!

We eat cake and a wonderful GF pumpkin dessert.  It was yum!!

Trying to get a picture of our little whirlwind is a fun time.....she put on the PJ's and slippers. 

Brinley, let me take a picture, please. 

Is this pose ok?

How about a silly pose??

Or a shy one?

Should I twirl??

Now my hair is in my face.

How's this pose, Nana?

Got it yet? Because....


Kim reads the Princess book to Brinley :)

Someone getting tired? No doubt!

Today her mommy sent me this picture 
Brinley was enjoying the coloring book we gave her. Love it!!

This post is long enough. I'll post about our family day on Sunday tomorrow.

God Bless your Monday!


Jean Stauffer said...

What an adorable little sweetheart!! Fun pictures!

Karen said...

Looks like a great weekend! They will treasure the photos and memories!

Linda Eller said...

A fun birthday for a precious little girl! Loved the pictures.

Vintage Girl 901 said...

Oh how precious! What a fun weekend! I love all the photos of the children!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet 4 yr old! Love these photos and especially the one of Brinley twirling! lol Love you guys.

Mari said...

It's so hard to get a picture of those little whirlwinds. My photos too often end up a blur!
Looks like a fun party!

Theresa said...

Cute pictures! Nothing sweeter than time with the family:) I love that little cutie-pie modeling her new JAMMIES! Enjoy your day dear friend, BIG HUGS!