Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Full of Family - part 2

My Sunday was a family day too. But not filled with my children and grandchildren as it usually is. 

My sister and her husband, Barb and John from Idaho, came to PA last week to spend time with his elderly parents. 

Good looking couple, don't you think? They are dairy farmers, parents to four grown children and grandparents too! John is on a National dairy committee (or something like that) and travels all over the USA and world promoting dairy farms and dairy products. It's extremely interesting to hear of his experiences. 

Sunday afternoon my PA siblings and their spouses gathered at my brothers home to spend some time with the Idaho sibs. What a wonderful time we had! My brother's wife, Nancy, is a photographer so of course pictures were taken!

L-R: Mary Ellen, our Sweet Mary, Dick, Nancy, Dick S, Jean, John, Barb, Dale, me. 

My siblings who were there....in order of our ages. 

We were silly....especially the sisters! We were all lined up according to our ages and my brother said we weren't...I think that's how it was. Anyway, I and several others didn't see a problem until suddenly we realized I was on the end, not Barb! Oh good grief....I can't even remember where I am in the family line-up!!! We got a good laugh out of that as you can see!

We ate a delicious meal of soup and sandwiches. Conversations and laughter was in abundance too, of course :) Oh, it was sister Jean's birthday that day, too. (The reason for the Happy Birthday sign) 

All afternoon and into the evening I couldn't help but marvel that I got to see my sister two times this year! You may remember that she was in PA for a sister weekend in July. Totally blessed me. 

All too soon our time together came to an end and we all had to go our separate ways again. Barb and John flew home yesterday.

 Sweet memories made....feeling blessed!

A picture of us :)
Dale, Ellen and me. 


Jean Stauffer said...

You beat me, haha!! Don't know when I'll get time to post a blog. Because I took a "vacation" day yesterday, I'm starting my work week a day behind, which usually takes me all week to catch up from.

It really was so good to be together, and I really enjoy listening to John's global perspective on things.

Linda Eller said...

You are definitely blessed with a big family and I know you had so much fun being with them. Great pictures.

Theresa said...

Oh what a good looking family you have! I know that you enjoy your family just like I do! Makes our heart smile! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

Anonymous said...

Sweet, happy photos. Thanks for sharing.