Monday, October 5, 2015

Farmshow Time!

Manheim is the town I grew up in. We raised our family there. Last year we moved away.....we may have a new address but there are certain Manheim events and places that will always be part of us. The five day Farmshow is one of them. Eating at Manheim Twin Kiss is another.

What a fun time we had at the Farmshow tonight. We arrived around 5:30. First things first.....

We ate French fries!!
These are the best fries ever. Walking towards the food stands on a nice Fall evening, smelling the many different foods....marvelous! On the way to get the fries we saw the young family that purchased our house. What a treat to  chat with them. 

We watched the Baby Parade. No pics...we were too busy talking to another former neighbor :)

After the parade we met up with Scott, Marcy and the children. We ate more food; met up with Lynn, Greta and Carson; saw Dale's sister, Nancy; went to the tent and sat with his Brother, Paul, and SIL, Fern. Truly a family affair!

I wish this wouldn't be so fuzzy. It says Family all over it. 

The food tent was full, loud, busy....

It was very full at the Farmshow for a Monday. I thought maybe everyone was so happy about the rain being over, they had to get out and about! 

Our Grands had such a good time. This is a children's area. 

Brinley loved this!


She could have done this all night!

Even Carson was having a wonderful time with this! 

As I was watching the kids, another lady told me that she knows me. I looked at her and realized she was a childhood friend! I have not seen her in many, many years. She was with her grandson. We chatted a bit but her grandson wanted to move on. Our next stop was to see the rabbits....she was there so we chatted again. Her hubby was with her then and he said I sang at their wedding. I did?? Don't remember it but I guess it was with Barb and Jeanie too. (Do you girls remember singing at Linda W. wedding?) Our last stop was at the milkshake stand. It was her last stop too so we got to chat some more! So wonderful!! My sister Barb and I had such good times with Linda and her family. They were so fun. I remember watching silent movies at their house, taking pony cart rides, playing tricks on her dad and he playing tricks on us! We had a lot of sleepovers. She said she learned to sing alto from being with us....I was so blessed by that because singing was always a big part of my family life. Totally blessed from this unexpected friend connection tonight! 

Here's something Hubby has been working on. 

We brought old shutters from the old house. We knew they would become a headboard. Hubs put them together, sizing it for a king sized bed....we will get that someday. He used paint we had and mounted it today. 
Not sure about the grey color. I'm contemplating what to do to make it better. Distressing it will help. Not sure how to do that correctly so that it doesn't look like we don't know what we're doing! I will paint (correct that...hubby will paint!) the nightstand. I will look for another one to paint also. Thinking about pop colors for the lamps or getting new ones. I have a yellow print storage bench in the room and a bright Aqua tray on a both those colors in this room. A mirror has a darker grey rim, so grey is ok, I think. [Oh my, an interior decorator, I'm not] Thoughts???

It's late, I need sleep! Goodnight!


Theresa said...

Oh what a fun time and running into an OLD friend, perfect! LOVE the shutter headboard! I am also not an interior decorator and not much help! I think it looks great like it is:) Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

Linda Eller said...

Seeing old friends and having good food is a win for sure. I like your headboard just like it is.

Mari said...

It sounds like you had lots of fun!
I love the headboard. I think it'll look great distressed!