Thursday, October 8, 2015

A Parade

Parades are fun. Especially this one - Manheim Community Farm Show Parade. Some could wonder why it's so special. It's full of trucks, fire engines, emergency vehicles,  tractors, a few floats and fewer still, the marching bands. It's special to me because this event is in my hometown, it's something I've been attending since a young teen. Not as a child because it wasn't something my Mennonite parents thought was necessary. Not sure why. 

I love our Farm Show. It's a family orientated, community celebrated event. We love the food (the food stands are non profit organizations...mostly churches). I'm not big on the animals but I certainly do enjoy watching the kids enjoy them. I do enjoy seeing the veggies, fruit, flower, sewing and crafts displays. 

Zoe enjoyed this burger and ate the whole thing! 

I had a yummy walking taco made by the folks from my childhood church. I ate the whole thing too :)

We didn't have time to go see the animals last evening so Aidan and Zoe enjoyed some lawn equipment instead. 

He's certain he could handle this one in our yard. 

Zoe thinks this one is way cool!

It was a beautiful evening. By this time it was almost 7:00 and the crowds of people were heading for the parade route. We found a spot (a miracle that I was praying for on our way to town. Chairs lined the street in great abundance. Not sure what we would have done if we hadn't found our spot across from the old Middle School!) near the end of the parade so it wasn't a rush to get there. It would be about a half hour  till we would see the action. 

I couldn't get a good picture, the blob of green is Aidan.....He and Corey threw a ball back and forth while waiting for the parade to start. It's the one time playing in the streets is ok!

This was Noah's first parade! He slept through a lot of it.

I didn't take many pictures. The kids enjoyed the trucks and stuff.....and the TONS of candy tossed to them!! 

Ellen makes sure that Noah is ok..
There are loud horns and sirens galore. 

Our Ellen was SO excited to be handed an Achenbach Bakery longjohn donut. She is so lucky.... It's not the first time she was a recipient of this yummy treat! I don't eat them anymore but I certainly do remember how good they are!

After the parade we met up with this sweet boy and his parents...

Carson got an American flag and no one was taking it from him! 

Do you see something different about Carson?

He got his first haircut yesterday! Isn't this the cutest place for a boy to get this service?

Look at him now....
Cutie pie! 

It was late when the parade was over. Time to pile in the van and head for home.   
Another precious memory made. Love it!

Fall is beginning to show around here. These trees are right outside the Cracker Barrel at the outlets. 

It was another beautiful day!

God Bless your evening!
(Whew, this took all day to get written!)


Mari said...

I've never been to a parade at night, looks like fun! I like the photo of Ellen - she's pretty happy!
Carson looks cute and much older with his new haircut.

Linda Eller said...

What fun everyone had. A parade is always fun for us too. Ellen looks so happy with her'goodie', and the little one with the haircut is cute as a bug in a rug! lol

Jean Stauffer said...

Oh, I DO miss the farm show and the parade and the food. Hopefully some year when we're not so tied to jobs we will be able to take a couple of days to come down for it.

Carson looks SO CUTE with the haircut! And little Noah looking around at the parade is just adorable!

Theresa said...

Looks like a TON of fun:) I love parades and watching the excitement in the Kid's eyes! Cute little Carson and his new haircut! LOVE the spiked look! Enjoy your day dear Doris! Sending HUGS and PRAYERS your way!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Another fun family outing for everyone as your post showed, Doris. Liked the new hair style too on baby Carson.