Friday, August 21, 2015

It's a Beautiful Day

It's a very pretty day.....nothing like we had so far this week. Sunday - Wednesday it was very hot and oh so humid. Thursday it rained off and on (mostly on!) all day. 

My son and his family (we all live in the same house) took a short vacation to Washington DC for three days. Ellen and I had some fun on those days since it was so quiet at home :) We did some shopping. On Tuesday we shopped at Michael's then treated ourselves to very good frozen yogurt at Sweet Frog.  

So good! So refreshing on a hot day!

As I said, Thursday was a rainy day. I was happy to watch the baby a short while in the morning while his mommy took his brother and sister to school to meet their teachers. 

So content to sleep while Nana holds him :) Nana is so content to let him ;)

He didn't sleep the entire time mommy was away....

He looks like he's cracking himself up over a joke he told me! I just love this precious baby!!

Later my daughter, Marcy, her two daughters, Ellen and I did some shopping. 

First we shopped at Joann's. Marcy is recovering her dining room chair seats. We found fabric that we think will work. It was pouring when we left Joann's...TJ Maxx happens to be in the same complex, covered porch walkway to boot. Of course we shopped there!

I took the girls to look at toys while Marcy shopped without distraction.....

Busy Brinley felt the need to take the boxes off the shelf :)

I asked her to put them back again and she did! Ellen then straightened them because she thought they needed it :) 
They should hire her!

Paityn takes a look.

Brinley really really wants this bowling set. Please, Nana? 
I think I will have to make a trip to TJ Maxx again real soon :) Her birthday....and coming up!
She also saw and really wanted a musical instrument set complete with tambourine  and recorder...I would not do that to her poor mommy!! It was a definite NO!
We had fun...I did get wet getting everything in the van. That's ok, I'm not so sweet that I melt :)

So it's now Friday. I'm sitting on my porch enjoying the beautiful day....and a cup of coffee. 

Can't stay here long. I have some prep work to do for dinner. Christy is making it, I just need to mix up some gluten free cream of chicken soup so I can eat it. Do you ever make cream soup instead of using the can? I think what I make is better tasting and better for you...nothing yucky in in! Next post will include the recipe. I just gotta get some made, like right now! 

Almost forgot!
Today is grandson Carson's First birthday!
Happy Birthday, Carson!! 
He is a delightful child and we love him so much!

Bless you this fine August Friday!


Jean Stauffer said...

Great pictures and such fun times!

Mari said...

You've had such fun! Good job Ellen... and Happy Birthday Carson!

Theresa said...

What a fun week! A little shopping, porch sitting, some baby smiles/snuggles and a first birthday! OH and yogurt! I know Ellen enjoyed her time with you! Have a blessed weekend dear Doris, HUGS!

Linda E said...

Your family is precious to you as mine days and pretty grands. Hope your weekend is good too!

White Lace and Promises said...

Oh Doris, I would enjoy sitting out on your porch with you and a cup of coffee. As a matter of fact, I'd love the spend the day with your wonderfully big family because I feel like I'd feel right at home. I'd like to have Ellen around all the time to straighten up some of my shelves. I bet she and I would have a ball. What a precious book of treasures are yours.